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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Women Welcome Wello

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There are people who react to others pain by feeling sorry and compassionate, a next set of people do not even realize the pain of others at the first place. But then there is a small chunk of people who walk miles ahead of merely realizing the pain but also work towards alleviating the pain and making lives comfortable for millions.

We all have seen images of rural Rajasthan women carrying water pots over their heads to miles down their home. Some of us have even been luckier to see those burdened women with direct eyes. But seldom do we realize the trouble and pain experienced by them. A nation that is technologically competent enough to produce its own indigenous Radars, Aircrafts and advance Missiles fails to think anything creative to bring a sigh of relief to those poor rural girls. We have no issues in seeing them like that.

The Plight :

A majority of us don't think twice before turning on a faucet and seeing potable water pour out. But for an estimated one billion people around the world, the reality is very different. In many regions, lack of access to safe water requires daily treks of several miles in search of a viable source of water — a task that often falls to the women and young girls of a village.Many women in dry regions of Rajasthan and other states of India spend their one fourth of the day in carrying water over their head to look after their domestic needs. Men go to work and women are destined with the rigorous task of accumulating water for the family. They often carry vessels of water that weigh more than 20 kgs over their head and walk miles before they reach home.They make several such trips over a day. The prolonged task over a period of time results in Spinal cord problems, backaches and serious posture disorders. The young girls are forced to quit schools in order to make water available at home.

Women with an Answer:

When Cynthia Koenig, from New York, realized that one in six people lack reliable access to water she wanted to do something about it. Koenig calls herself a social entrepreneur, a new breed of entrepreneur who has innovative solutions to society's most pressing social problems and still desires to make a profit. And indeed she is a social entrepreneur for having a philanthropic angle to her business aspirations. For having her growth in the growth of millions of needful and tormented people. She felt the pain of our own rural women with much more intensity and seriousness. With her sheer conviction and philanthropic approach, she designed a product that  changed the lives of millions of women in India and across the world

 Watch her great story @Cynthiya Koenig Inspiring video

"Wello Water Wheel" the innovative product that won millions of hearts for its usability and simplification of work. Isn't that the very reason we use technology for ? To make work easier and more convenient. Wello exactly does that. Its a Water wheel drum with 50 Ltrs capacity to transport water by towing instead of lifting. Thus making the task of water accumulation and transportation as easier and as convenient as possible. Its hygienic and at the same time very affordable for the rural masses. By giving people easier access to potable water, the WaterWheel frees up valuable time and there by eradicates barriers that prevent children from going to school and empowers women to engage in more productive activities. Water Wheel has given women  extra time which they can choose to spend  on activities that can boost family income, education, health, and wellbeing. 

This Business module is a phenomenal example of philanthropic Business. We don't need to sacrifice our comforts and wealth in order to add happiness in the lives of poor and underprivileged. Even smart Business Sense to attend to people s problem and providing them with an innovative economical solution can generate huge profits and blessings together.  This is symbiotic business,  this is Social entrepreneurship. Kudos to Wello and Cynthia Koenig. Thank you for being a great source of inspiration and a good human being above that.

This post is dedicated to Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

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  1. This indeed is a great innovation!
    I hope more and more women benefit out of this.

  2. wow, that's really amazing. Love the world for people like Cynthia. Kudos to her for helping out so many women. Truly inspirational about a heart that knows to feel another's suffering.


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