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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chasing the Bitch called Happiness

Chasing happiness is like chasing your own damn shadow. The faster you run to chase it, the farther it runs away from you. The whole world is raking upon the word happiness. Happiness is sold in different forms of dreams. It is a million dollar project of minting money and creating vicarious illusions. Somewhere we all are running behind acquiring happiness. But happiness is like ' Tomorrow'. It never comes. You know it exists but it is always ahead of your reach. It always updates before you get updated.                   

   May be we all are under the wrong impression of the word happiness. May be we all are illusioned by the very meaning of the word ' Happiness'. May be our calculations to true happiness have been intelligently and implicitly deceived as something materialistic. Not that we have not heard enough about happiness as a state of mind but when it comes to practice we always associate it with physical longings. For some it is job, for some it is their dream house and for some it is their beloved relationship. But happiness is an entity that does not reside in it but within it. For instance may be your dream job pays you fat but does not let you work in the realm of your interest or your passion. And after a period of time you sniff for happiness and discover the truth that it was never your dream job at all in the first place. You missed it a big time.

        May be your dream house, which is full of luxuries to laze around lacks the love to turn it into a dream home. The love is not materialistic. It is intangible. You need to create it with cosmic hopes and emotions. So you end up living unhappily in your dream house too. 

For centuries the enlightened souls have advocated that happiness is within us. But we seldom thought it was worth emulating. May be this is the time we need to give it a try to create happiness than to buy it under pseudonymous names. Let’s create, that was always there. You just need to say “I am happy 
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