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Monday, December 21, 2015

StarWars Arena with HP

                  "The Force Awakens" is the seventh serial release of the most loved and worshiped Space fantasy fiction the Star Wars. The latest salvation for the die heart fans is on 25 December 2015. It is the first part of the sequel trilogy and also the seventh episode of the Star Wars Saga.

                        The StarWars has an epic fan following ever since its first release in the year 1977 as "A New Hope". With every new release in the span of 38 years, the movie series has seen exponential growth in its fan following. It is a hot favorite subject of collection among collectors and anything that has to do with the StarWars becomes a coveted property to own by its maniac fans; That is the charm of the StarWars.

Down the same line comes yet another big thing to own for StarWars and Technological lovers alike, the all new HP Star WarsTM Special Edition notebook. The most trusted and the No.1 computer manufacturing brand of the world has come out with an incredible amalgamation of the  state of art technology with StarWars theme. It is love at first site thing for all the lovers of HP and StarWars. If you have the power to resist just check out this video    

 #AwakenYourForce   with HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook

If I had the HP Star WarsTM Special Edition notebook, I would use it to create my own StarWars Arena to watch Star Wars Series with friends in a customized Star Wars theme room at home.
I would develop a Star Wars wallpaper to paste it on the theme wall of the room. The HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook will take the center stage of the room. The room will not be brightly lit and rather will have a dark side with subtle neon lamps to lit the Star War collections like wall posters, CDs and theme gadgets that I have collected over the years. The ceiling will have radium stickers of celestial bodies like planets, asteroids and supernova stars. The room cum showcase arena will be like travelling into the space passing through galaxies. Every click of mouse will have a sound effect of Star Wars to keep me loaded into this wanted hallucination. My room will be a launching pad, a gateway to the most unknown secrets of universe.

Imagine entering a dark room that opens to a view of a Star Wars classic wallpaper with only edge illumination. The ceiling will have stars, planets and asteroids to give you a virtual feel of entering into a never ending and ever expanding universe. The darkness will be the mystery and dim lit glowing celestial bodies will be the hope of life and a new world within. This would be an ideal ambiance to set up a Star Wars special in house theatre to play StarWars movies on HP Star WarsTM Special Edition notebook. The red illuminating back lit keyboard will perfectly replace the dashboard of the Star Wars spacecraft. It will be my HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE (HMI) to explore the joyful journey into the special STAR WARS COMMAND CENTER .

The command center is a never before first hand experience of Star Wars saga. It is a heavenly gift of customized dashboard with themes, galleries of around 1100 images, sounds, movie trailers, eBooks and the coveted AUREBESH font. I will replace the windows notification sound with the famous R2-D2 Audio clip to create the Aura and the Power of the Dark Side. The special features like Audio by B&O play and Full HD display will make my STAR WARS Arena the next best place to watch the series. The COMMAND CENTER will also give me access to Behind the Scenes videos in making of the Star Wars.

My StarWars Arena will be a one stop Encyclopedia for StarWars fans.   You will never know the power of the dark side but You Will only on HP Star WarsTM Special Edition notebook. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

South Zone - Hyderabad

All though I am from Bangalore but if a city is to be chosen with respect to Drive, Design and Connect then Hyderabad is my choice.  It is the fourth most populous city and the fifth-largest contributor city to India's overall GDP. The city has a huge cultural heritage and is famous for pearls and Hyderabadi Biriyani.

The city has a very good network of roads and has an advantageous connection with major national highways. Here is the picture showing the network of roads across the city that connects every pocket of the city with the city's Ring road.

Hyderabad is an example of design and infrastructure planning. It has a blend of historical monuments like the Charminar and Golconda Fort and modern infrastructure in the form of IT park, the high tech city.This city has some of the finest food joints of our country. The Pista House and Shah Ghouse is undoubtedly a mystic treat to taste buds.

Hyderabad is famous for its street food that has an amalgamation of Mughul and Dravidian style of cooking.  The Eat street adjacent to Hussain Sagar is city's pride and a perfect place to hang around. Hyderabad is incomplete without Irani tea and Osmania biscuits and evenings have a close affair with munching chicken Shawarma. It is a heaven for food lovers. The city has swanky malls and exclusive showrooms to address people's brand loyalty. The Charminar market is famous for Pearl jewelry and finds customers world wide. Abids is another shopping destination for young and dandy. The Ramoji Film  City is another tourist destination built on the outskirts of city.        
         After Bangalore, Hyderabad has been dubbed as the Silicon Valley of India, mainly in light of the fact that more and more firms have set up their operations here. Starting in the 1990s, software companies, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, call centers, and other technological services were set up, making it the center for all call center operations, technological development, and KPOs in all of India.

The city has plenty of locations to choose as weekend getaways. The city is surrounded by lots of tourist destinations. There are innumerable options if you wish to spend your weekends rolling on the wheels. Warangal, Bidar and Mahabubnagar are within 200 km range and has smooth drive that passes through boulevard of intoxicating nature. The drive is simply a bliss. Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur is 430 km away from Hyderabad and is famous with Tiger lovers and wild life Photographers.

                       Hyderabad sits at the junction of three National Highways linking it to six other states: NH-7 runs 2,369 km from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, in the north to Kanyakumari,Tamil Nadu, in the south; NH-9, runs 841 km east-west between Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, and Pune, Maharashtra; and the 280 km NH-163 links Hyderabad to Bhopalpatnam, Chhattisgarh. Five state highways, SH-1, SH-2, SH-4, SH-5 and SH-6, either start from, or pass through, Hyderabad. Its arch rival city and silicon capital of India, Bangalore is a smooth drive of 570 km through AH 43. It also has daily direct trains to Bangalore. 

Hyderabad in true sense epitomizes the spirit of Drive, Design and Connect and hence my favorite city for The #madeofgreat Zonal War

Find more at

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Seviyan Kheer


Seviyan is among the most popular desserts in India. It is one dessert that you cannot afford to miss on any Indian festival. I love Seviyan for its superb taste and simplicity of preparation. Here I am sharing my favorite recipe. Also because I am replacing sugar with Sugar Free Natura, so it is ideal for health conscious people, weight watchers or diabetics. 

The recipe is very simple and quick. The cooking time is 10-15 mins. 

Here is the list of ingredients for two servings.

1. Vermicelli Seviyan  - 01 Cup 
2. Milk                         - 1 Ltr
3. Almonds                  - 8 to 10 pcs
4. Resin                        -8 to 10 pcs
5. Cashew nut               -8 to 10 pcs
6. Bay leaf                   - 01 Nos
7. Cloves                     - 3 to 4 pcs  
8. Cinnamon                - 1 stick 
9. Cardamom               - 3 to 4 pcs 
10.Grated dry coconut - 2 tablespoon                     (Khopra)
11.Ghee                    - 1 tablespoon 
12. Sugar Free Natura - As per taste


1. Heat the ghee in a pan. Saute cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bay leaf for 10 seconds on low flame. The release of aroma will indicate the next step to be followed.

2. Add roasted vermicelli to the aromatic affair and fry till golden brown.

3. Now add warm milk into the vermicelli mixture and boil it on a medium flame. Reduce the milk by boiling it to consistency of your preference. I prefer a thin consistency of seviyan as shown in my click below. 

4. Add Sugar Free Natura as per your taste. Remember to use it judiciously as it is 600 times more sweeter than the regular sugar. 
5. Now add grated dry coconut.
6. For plating, pour it in a colourful bowl and garnish it with chopped almonds and cashew nuts. 
   Enjoy it with your family and friends.

The recipe may have some deviations from the standard form as it is our family traditional recipe. Also because my mother is diabetic we prefer to make sweets or desserts using sugar free substitute. Sugar free is an easy way to check your body sugar level in order to maintain healthy, weight control or obesity control. Happy Desserts !!!! 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Five Steps towards Softest Baby Skin


             There is nothing as soft and tender as a baby skin. The temptation of stroking, cuddling, kissing and smelling a baby's skin is an irresistible feeling. The natural fragrance that babies have is simply magical and another reason we get drawn to them like magnets. But in case of babies "less is best" is the rule. There are various factors that can rob your baby's skin of its natural radiance and moisture. Their skin needs to be kept clean and moisturized all the time. Excessive dryness and exposure to sun can damage their extra soft and tender skin. 

                   There are a few basic tips that can help you to retain and maintain your baby's skin as soft and tender as God has gifted them. But as a male parent I had less knowledge on upkeep and nuances of skin science. So i took up to reading to imbibe the knowledge of baby skincare. Here are a few tips I feel are share worthy. 

Cleanliness and hygiene: Keep your baby skin clean and hygienic. Give them bath and wet sponging as and when required. Ensure the surroundings your baby is exposed to is also maintained similarly. The bedding, bed sheet, towels and wipes are all sanitized and free from oil, sweat and filth. 

Washing hands: Babies catch most of the skin and body infections through hands. So make sure you wash your hands properly before handling or coming in contact with them. Whenever you return home from outside or public places, don't forget to clean yourself before expressing your love to them. The same holds true for babies as well. Always ensure your baby's hands are clean and washed with lukewarm water and mild soap from time to time.

Use of right baby care products: Always do a thorough study of baby products before using it on your baby. The soap, shampoo, baby creams and oils are to be well researched for its ingredients and safety. The market is flooded with over enticing baby care products and you need to be wise to make the right choice. Baby products should be mild and natural. Harsh products may be harmful for them in one or the other way.

Hydration and Moisturization:  It is very essential to keep baby s skin well hydrated and moisturized as per season and climatic conditions. Summers make them dehydrated. Ensure that the baby and kids have  sufficient intake of fluids in the form of mother s milk or juicy fruits. Also the hot water bath makes baby skin excessive dry and rough. Moisturize them with right baby cream or natural oils like Olive oil or coconut oil. Use wet tissues to wipe their face instead of dry towel. Also prefer lukewarm water and not hot water to give them bath. Avoid exposing them to excessive sunlight. Always take care of the clothing being appropriate with the room temperature  to be precise. 

Eat healthy and feed healthy:  Mother's milk is an elixir for babies. It has thousands of benefits,some known and some unknown. Babies that feed on mothers milk for longer periods of their age, show better signs of immunity against diseases, better temperaments and better mental and physical growth. They develop healthy skin and are less prone to infections. Hence, it becomes very important for a mother to maintain a healthy and nutritious diets so as to pass the benefits to the lactating baby. Her diet should comprise of all the essential nutrients so as to cope with the needs of her own body and the dependent baby. 

In addition to these simple points there is another area of concern, the Diapers. Diapers should be chosen on the merit of its absorption capacity. The diaper should not only be able to hold more liquid, but also move it away from baby's skin so as to maintain dryness. The moisture should be distributed evenly throughout the diaper's core, and away from the baby's skin. This is essential because a diaper with poor absorption quality can lead to persistent exposure to moisture and dampness, which, in turn, can cause diaper rash. Also the material used for the diaper should be harmless to babies. The fitting and comfort is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration.

Pampers Premium Care Pants #SoftestForBabySkin   is specially designed to suit the comfort and hygiene of your baby. It is extremely soft and also has wetness indicator that tells you when to change the diaper.  Pampers is an international brand and has a wide acceptance and expertise all over the world.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Friday, November 27, 2015

Patriotism Redefined !! Check where you stand.

The word patriotism has delved a new meaning in India. A meaning far behind the one,  you and I have ever known. A meaning that is actually a kind of mental sickness. A meaning that has nothing to do with country but to do with politics. It is a political interpretation of patriotism. It is dangerous, venomous and destructive. I am unable to figure out when exactly the paradigm shift occurred that secretly manipulated patriotism as love for a political party from love for ones own country.  And because the very meaning has been disturbed we get to see right people being portrayed traitor and what not. 

We are tolerant to Mr. Obama s remark on religious intolerance in India but when one among us speaks about his wife s apprehensions, we go berserk and use our facebook walls and twitter handles to malign him in every way possible. This is exactly what his ( Aamir Khan) wife was talking about the other day. By our reactions we have proved her right. By our attempts to prove her wrong we have actually proved her right. I think a word of assurance was more appropriate than to spite and scorn.

We don't fear impulsive terrorists because we believe in the integrity  and supremacy of our country. But what we fear is when our neighbors, our friends next door turn hostile and take up genocide on account of belonging to another religion or community. Enemies do not threaten us but the fear of friends becoming enemies cuts deeper than sword.  

How can someone judge your patriotism on the grounds of political alignment ? How can someone brand you a traitor just because you are not a supporter or sympathizer of a particular political party or for that matter being a supporter of a party that stands rival to yours ? 

And if you are not free to like a party that is other than the majority then the spirit of democracy itself is defeated. Why will the ruling party deliver Governance if there were no rival parties to compete ? Who will question their decisions and performance ? It will be like going to a shopping mall that has no options or varieties to choose from. And what you buy is not what you like but what you dislike the least. The new logic of proving yourself right is to make every effort to prove others wrong but sadly two wrongs don't make a right.

For ages we have called ourselves Great and we actually were. But the blabbering has gone too far and long. For a good length of time we have not done anything substantial than to self glorify ourselves which has made us to where we stand today. Owing to our fake utopia and self obsession we have stopped seeing things as real as they are ! And until and unless we see the truth we really cant fight the odds. How can you justify introduction of bullet trains when the existing railways needs an ocean of improvement and infrastructural development. How can we talk of developing new smart cities without catering for existing towns and villages that do not even have electric poles not to talk of electricity or likes ? We need to work and improve upon what we already have than to create few more new ventures of mismanagement and impracticality.   

Isn't it the time to kill our hollow egos and superficial opinions ?

It is the time to see the dark realities and bring the light of collective efforts to enlighten the scenario. It is the time to diagnose our ailments that can be disastrous and dangerous for the generation of our children ahead. It is the time to make our country a better place to live and long for. Why do we have inhibitions in accepting the dark truths about us ? Only then can we fight them ! Ignoring or closing our eyes to the problem is too much of an impractical solution to this grave issue and may be suicidal ultimately. 

Patriotism is to strive and struggle for your country to make it better than the best and not to close eyes and foolishly say "All is well " or "Where do you see the problem" or even worse " If you have problems go to Pakistan". We are a sensible lot; How can we justify patriotism with these below the belt lines ?

I urge all my wise and valuable readers to use their facebook walls and twitter handles responsibly. Don't let them to be tools of destruction and hatred. Use your own sobriety and wisdom to make conclusion from a particular incidence rather than joining the trending topics that are manipulative and inconclusive. Don't let miscreants to take advantage of your lazy and unaware judgments. Lets spread love and hope.

Jai Hind.

Contribute your opinion.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happiness is Being Together

A residential locality where people know each other and sit together in the hours of leisure to share notes is a dream for many in the world of digital connections. We find it easy to  text chat for hours but have apprehensions to put in efforts for a real sit together chat. It seems the digital forums of conversation have given people a decent excuse to avoid eyes. But how long can one pull on with just digital forms of communication ? At one stage the passions dies and we tend to part ways without a word of care.

During my early days of job, I and my friends used to look forward to evenings. Evenings where the most treasured part of the days. We used to join over  evening coffee at a nearby cafe and then there were sessions of gossips, philosophy and jokes on the same table everyday. We had cell phones but we never made calls to confirm each other's whereabouts. We knew only something very important can lead to missing the evening coffee with friends and that rarely happened on those days. It was the time to unwind ourselves from the world of worries, competitions and fear. But change is the only constant. It is always active. Although the transition was slow but it did happen and we lost that divine touch of the evenings.

Marriage and then baby care took the next best thing of the world. We lost our daily get-together. The world around us now was not the same. We had no de-stressing sessions with friends. A rare chat on whatsapp group or a periodic "like" on facebook was the only credential for our old friendships. But the change still remained constant.

And one day my friend,  Ankit invited me to his daughter s school Annual Day Function. I liked the idea because I love children. I also had my own memories of Annual Day during our school days. I packed up a little early from work and confirmed Ankit about my joining. As we entered the auditorium I saw another of our old friend Varun. We were a trio now as we were in our school days. I learnt that Varun stays close to my place and his son is also studying in the same school. It was a great evening for the kids and their parents.

Before leaving the place we decided to meet on Friday evening at city park, a place we used to go walking during our school days. Also, it was a equidistant point for all of us.  At 6 pm on Friday I left the office, I headed to the coffee shop  without confirming my friends whereabouts. I thought I would reach the place and wait for others to come. If they do not turn up i would not insist upon calling them because it wont work for a long time. But to my surprise my friends were there before me. They were already in our yesteryear. I just had to join in from present into the past and i did it with a ease.

The fluorescent orange lamps of the park was already lit. The birds were returning back to their nest. The sky was crimson red when i discovered it was 8 pm and we had already spent close to two hours. The breeze of the park again reminded us of the bygone era. It seemed that everything was the same except our priorities and life style.

We decided to make our families also a part of this park from  next Saturday evenings.
"Let our children also taste the real togetherness in the arms of nature"-- Suggested Varun.

I liked his idea and thought it would be a good idea to sit together in the arms of nature with the people who matter the most to us. After all real happiness is all about spending quality time with family and friends. And nature has a role. It provides us with a matchless ambiance that cannot be compared with the comforts of our drawing rooms. Nature has a soothing effect on our mind and body.

On the dinner table i discussed the evening spent with my friends in the park. She was happy to see me at ease. And then i told her our plan for the next Saturday. She was thrilled to the know whole idea. She too is a lover of nature and admires Nature more than Malls. 

Finally the much awaited Saturday evening arrived and we all reached the city park. My wife had made some home-made snacks for the evening. The women gelled well and so were our kids. The park was a bless of nature with shady trees and green grass. Chirping of birds resonated with the cool breeze of the evening. And suddenly everything seemed perfect and fine. This was the real happiness of togetherness with family and friends around.  

It made me realize that the real togetherness is meeting your dear and near ones personally and not digitally, spending quality time with them and taking that conscious effort to make it possible on a regular basis. Let the digital communication only be an aid to establish profound togetherness. Lets come close to nature and spend time in its vicinity to understand each other some more.

The Kissan India emphasizes people to discover the joy of  Real togetherness. The video below conveys this beautiful idea endorsed by Kissanpur.

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Fastest Ever Airtel 4G

          Mishra Ji is a complete Retro personality. He has a basic cellphone that has not seen the world of Gs. It was manufactured in the year when ringtones were some kind of snooze alarms and phones had nothing to do with the G word. Time changed and the telecom network got names like 2 G and 3 G. But Mishra ji remained a complete challenge to the advancement of network and wireless data transmission. He loved his wire with RJ 45 termination that always winked in exchange of data. Mishra ji had a son like Desktop for winking RJ 45 connector. This was the most modern thing in his retro life.

Last time when I insisted him to upgrade his handset which was due for all the retirement benefits on superannuation, Mishra ji rejected my proposal at the outset.

He would always ask me, " How to install whatsapp on my desktop ? " 
It is an app meant for Multimedia handsets and more precisely for smartphones - I replied.

He would frown upon me and say " For you everything leads to a smartphone". And walk off.

"Smart phones are meant for stupid people and you are one !" He would say to me while distancing himself.
I began to love this line of his. 

All has an end. Nothing remains forever. Yamraj disguised himself as Monsoon and hit Mishraji s left pocket very hard with lashes of water to give the phone a final holy bath. The phone lost its life on the line of duty and never again opened its florescent green  eyes to the world and Mishraji in particular. Mishraji was "Out of Reach" since then. A Martyr was lost. He would still carry the phone to office believing a magical reincarnation someday, against the verdict of service centers that refused the service on the grounds of being beyond economical repair.

I told him," If you give this antique phone to some  museum you can make enough cash to buy the hottest smart phone in the market ". 

But on 15 Aug 15 Mishraji came to my place with strange mixture of confidence and happiness. I could sense it was not the patriotism alone. He instantly asked me to save his new number and give a miss call too. I asked him why did he change his old number. He did not reply. 
 Do as I say and I obliged.
Oh ! My God. I heard AR Rehman 's Airtel Ringtone on giving miss call. The tune sounded so good I did not disconnect the call and Mishraji took out his new smart phone from the pocket. A brand new 5.5 inch IPS display phone stole the tag of Retro from Mishraji.

He gave the phone to me and asked me to install all those apps that he has ever inquired about.
I was elated to imagine Mishraji being a part of our Whatsapp group. His uniqueness always attracted me. So the first app i downloaded for him from Google Playstore was Whatsapp. 

Oh ! My God. I am here for another shock. The data download was so fast that I could not believe my eyes. 
Another  check. I downloaded Online shopping Apps and the download was with lightening speed. Mishraji was giving me shockers one after another. I asked him "What have you got ? " This is a monster not a phone. 
Mishraji in his usual style replied me, " Idiot it is not the phone. It is the new Airtel 4G sim that has lightening speed data transfer.You think I am a fool to change my old number ? The Airtel 4 G impressed me. I don't know what 3 G really was because people were not much convinced with it. But Airtel 4 G is a revolution in mobile data services." 

On surfing online at Airtel 4G  I got to know that Airtel 4G is available at the cost of 3 G. So no extra burden on your pocket. It is available across the nation in 296 cities. The best part is that you don't even need to go out to an Airtel outlet. Just tweet #GetAirtel4G and you get a free Airtel 4G sim delivered to home.

Now I have the liberty of watching my favorite movies and shows online without the boring buffering. I can make flawless video calls across the world. I can save money by avoiding the service charges taken by travel agents on booking of Tatkal tickets. After all I have the fastest ever network with me.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Del Monte Pasta Indiana

Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily. Although it is Italian by origin but Pasta has made its way to almost all parts of the world.  The pasta recipes have also undergone transformation to suit the taste buds according to the regional flavours. 

There are a number of interesting ways to cook and savour Pasta  depending upon the season and taste preference. Here, I am sharing my own signature recipe in completely Indian style.  You can call it a fusion recipe because it has ingredients, both from West and the East. 

I call it Pasta Indiana. Here is a step by step procedure to prepare this easy cuisine with in no time. 

List of Ingredients:

1. Del Monte Pasta             - 150 gm
2. Onion ( Medium)            -  01 Nos  
3. Capsicum                       -  01 Nos
4. Green Chillies                 -  02 Nos
5. Carrot                             -  50 gm 
6. French Beans                   - 50 gm
7.Tomatoes                          - 01 Nos
8. Sunflower Oil                  - 50 ml
9. Pepper powder                       
10. Salt
11. Turmeric powder (optional) 
12.Lemon                             -01
13.Tomato sauce/ Red Chilly Sauce/ Soya Sauce
15.Shredded Chicken (Optional) - 1/2 Cup  

Cooking time:           20 Min

Chop the vegetables into thin but long slices. Fine chop garlic cloves and tomato. I prefer cutting the beans, capsicum and carrot into slanting thin slices. The picture below shows my style of chopping. You can chop these vegetables according to your preference and convenience.

Chopped Vegetables

Shredded Chicken with squeezed lemon (Optional)

Chopped Vegetables 
Boil the Del Monte Pasta till the time it is completely cooked . You can eat and check the pasta to ascertain if it is completely cooked . If it sticks to your teeth while chewing, it means the pasta needs some more time to cook. Usually it takes 10 to 15 min for the pasta to cook completely. Add a pinch of salt and few drops of olive oil to the boiling water to avoid stickiness of pasta.

I prefer cooking pasta in Microwave Oven in the respective preset mode of cooking.

Cooked Pasta
Once the pasta is cooked and vegetables are chopped we are almost done. Heat a pan with sunflower oil or olive oil as preferred. Add chopped garlic and green chilies. Saute it. Now add sliced onion. When the onion become transparent, add rest of the vegetables one by one with chopped tomatoes as the last addition. Add salt to taste and turmeric powder a little bit for enhancing the colour of the sauteed vegetables. I love the flavour of turmeric powder. It can Indianize anything.So understand your taste buds and keep it optional.

Sauteing Vegetables

After Sauteing and adding turmeric powder and salt
Now it is the time to add the already boiled Pasta to the dry hot gravy in low flame. Once you add pasta to gravy, stir well so that the pasta get completely mixed with the gravy. Add your choice of chilly sauce or soya sauce and vinegar. I prefer lemon instead of vinegar. Add some classic Mayonnaise. Sprinkle fresh pepper powder and mix well. Turn off the flame and serve it hot with your innovative style of platter presentation.

Taste Maker Friends
You can also add chilly flakes and oregano if you want to make it more spicy. I already had seasoned shredded chicken at home, so I am using it for garnishing. Vegetarians can skip it completely. Because my wife is a vegetarian I am using it as a side dish with Pasta Indiana. 

Here are the pictures of Pasta Indiana in its final avatar with spicy shredded chicken.

 Relish it with your gang of friends on a lazy weekend with old talks and new gossips.

Find more about Del Monte Pasta here.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Poison on the platter.

"Are we eating safe ? " is a more appropriate question than asking, "Are we eating healthy ?".

Stopping yourself from hogging on junk food or  processed food is just not enough.  Your morning pride, a platter of fresh salad may be more rich in pesticides and pathogens than its wanted richness for vitamins and minerals. The glass of milk to fulfill your daily needs of nutrients may be creating serious damages to your organs of vital importance. Your weekend plans to replenish calcium through expensive seafood may be inducing poisonous chemicals like arsenic and mercury. There is absolutely no escape until you start growing your own crops and vegetables in the backyard of your house to minimize the dangers.  

With the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture to increase production, the human body is at stake. It would have been better to remain underfed than to eat something that is as worse as slow poison.

You will be shocked to know the percentage of contamination in daily food intake. Below is a chart that shows the percentage of various contaminants.

Recently I heard of China rice. The news broke out that some people have reported serious health problems after consuming the new variant. It was found that the rice were silky, smooth, milky white slippery with every grain perfectly formed. If you soak it in water it will float. On boiling it turns into hard sticky mass. If you put fire to it, it will burn and light up instantly. If you eat it, you will land up in hospital with serious stomach condition.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a very opaque body entrusted with the task to ensure the safety and regulation of food that we eat. But is the body sufficiently equipped with modern technology and enough human resource to deal the complex challenge? Most of the labs under FSSAI are  said to be outdated and incompetent to detect modern age adulterants. Also the number of labs across the country and its distribution across various zones is not in tandem with the uprising demand.

The cost of a branded groundnut oil is  Rs 100/- per litre  but the cost of groundnut  is Rs 100/- per kg. Including extraction of oil from these groundnut, processing charges, marketing and transportation the cost should certainly be around double the cost of its raw material(1 kg) which although will still not suffice to produce 1 Litre of refined groundnut oil. Aren't we turning a blind eye and silently welcoming contamination and additives to our daily food ?

When we buy a commodity, we also pay for various taxes by Government as a part of the net cost. The concerned ministry is duty bound to make available food/processed food that has passed all relevant tests to ensure it is safe for consumption by the people. We as citizens of India would not mind shelling out additional Re 1 towards every commodity cost to buy a faithful assurance that the food items sold in our country have passed 100% test of genuinity. In no appropriation this seems an impossible task. Why not to spend reasonably on various modern methods to detect adulteration and mislabeling ? The multinational companies have gathered guts to feed us chemical filth because they trust our Food Regulatory bodies for its incompetency and inefficiency to detect and report the misappropriations. The regulatory bodies have their own justifications on the pretext of adequate manpower and modern infrastructure. The government is not serious about the subject matter as part of the agenda for Ministry of Health. 

The assertion of Union Health Minister J P Nadda that there will be no compromise on food safety will hold little meaning unless India upgrades its laboratories to detect antibiotics in honey, chicken, pesticide residue in beverages and other adulteration in milk, edible oils, spices, lentils, packed foods and follows Thailand in ensuring supply of unpolluted, safe water to its street food vendors.

Currently India has around 150 test laboratories. There are also a dozen referral laboratories which come into picture in case the trader questions testing standards in primary laboratories.

It is time to put our best efforts forward to attract Government's attention on this serious issue. Our general health is at stake to fatten the pockets of few who probably themselves have access to safe food from elsewhere part of the world. Let our country not be treated as a dumping ground for the refuse. Lets raise our voice for the sake of our young ones who are not even fully formed to deal with the ill effects of chemicals. The effect of harmful contaminants have already started showing up on psychological health of infants and toddlers. The poor temperament and extreme aggressive nature from very early age is all a silent effect of overlooking the issue of Adulteration and Contamination. 
Parents are having tough time dealing with their children for being short temper and aggressive in nature at very early ages. We all are under going a slow negative psychological and mental transformation. We are mentally unstable and maniacs. We have serious health problems that have no back track to our family history or genetic origins. 

Isn't it the time to take the issue seriously and change our mindset of  believing it as s subject of inevitability ?   We certainly can do something about it ! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Balanced Diet Vs Crash Diet

What is Balanced Diet ?

A balanced diet is one that gives our body the nutrition it needs to function properly and optimally.  In order to get truly balanced nutrition, we must obtain the majority of our daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Hence, a balanced diet should meet daily needs of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals in the right proportions.

With the fast changing lifestyle our eating habits have also gone a myriad change. We have options of eating things that taste better and are extremely convenient to cook as well. These two factors have completely changed our choice of food. The migration from Chapatti to Pizza, Upma to Maggi is a testimony to this debate. We prefer packed portable fruit juices to fresh fruits. In a bargain we lose healthy nutrients and actually take a lot of excessive sugars and preservatives that the processed branded juice is made up of. The fiber or roughage, essential for metabolism and digestion is also lost in the processing of these fruit juices. So in a way we are buying more health problems under the false impression of health benefits. No packed fruit juice can ever compete with the goodness of same fruit eaten as a whole.
The world is going gaga over the benefits of Oats and cornflakes. The advertisement world is selling these products as the ultimate salvation from health and heart disorder. The urban health conscious India has made chosen these two processed food as its national breakfast. But under the glittery masterpiece ad lies a bitter fact. The oats and corn flakes under go food processing techniques that dries (dehydrate) it under high pressure resulting in loss of almost all the natural goodness of these two cereals. The natural nutrients contained in the form of moisture and extracts have been lost in the processing. It is then fortified with artificial nutritional contents, the absorption of which by our body is another subject of discussion. A homemade Chapatti will always be a better choice. Boiled sweet corn rubbed with lemon and salt will satiate your tongue and body equally.
In an attempt to save time and complexity we have changed our food habits. We have changed our approach to hunger. We just try to calm it by stuffing anything that is high on taste and availability. That is why we prefer chips and cola. The presence of many untold hidden chemicals are affecting both our physical and psychological health adversely. The new branded food is making us lazy, obese, depressive and aggressive. Our cholesterol and sugar levels are shooting high.

The balanced Diet that consisted of cereals, pulses, dairy products like curd and green vegetables have been overtaken by Crash Diets. Crash Diet is a weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results.

Crash diets often appear to be working with in a  few days. The diet sends  your body into starvation mode. You'll experience rapid weight loss, but you're not actually losing any fat; instead, you're using your body's stored supply of the carbohydrate glycogen. As your body burns glycogen, you lose water as well, making it seem as though you're losing a lot of weight.
 Crash diets carry both long and short term health risks. The most common short term risk is nutritional deficiency. Long term risks include osteoporosis, as your body leaches calcium from your bones to make up for calcium deficiencies in your crash diet plan. Other long term risks include damage to the brain, kidney, heart and other vital organs.
Crash Diet is actually an intentional food withdrawal  practice to achieve weight loss and acquire a lean look. But considering its ill effects there is a better way of dealing with excessive weight. The trusted Dabur brand has come out with a natural solution for combating over weight issues. The secret benefits of honey have been exploited to give us a natural easy remedy for many health related issues. Visit the page  for more information on the subject.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ayurveda - The Real Cure

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine. When translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “the science of life” (the Sanskrit root Ayur means “longevity” or “life” and veda means “science”).

While allopathic/ Chemical medicines tends to focus on the management of disease, Ayurveda bestows us with the knowledge of how to prevent disease and how to eliminate its root cause if it does occur.

Core Principles of Ayurveda
The knowledge of Ayurveda was passed orally through a lineage of sages in India until it was collated into text more than five thousand years ago. The oldest known texts on Ayurveda are the Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and the Ashtanga Hrudaya. These texts detail the affect that the five elements found in the cosmic system - earth, water, air, fire, space – have on our individual system, and expound on the importance of keeping these elements balanced for a healthy and happy life.
Importance of Ayurveda can be felt by the single line fact that it is free from side effects. Chemical/ Synthetic products how ever beneficial may be but is bound to have side effects as its aftermath. Some known some still unknown due to lack of research.Ayurveda supports health without disturbing the natural intelligence of the body; Ayurvedic treatments have no negative side affects. Because of this, people around the world are now turning to the ancient science of Ayurveda to help them regain and maintain optimal health. 

Market is flooded with cosmetics that make unbelievable promises but are mostly fake. Hazardous chemicals that have short term whitening effects are sold under the blanket of some natural ingredients like aloe vera or neem. These products have no real goodness but are so beautifully presented through advertisements that we tend to buy not just the product but also the fake hope along. And exactly when one had given up the hope the market comes out with another so called revolutionary product to fool us more than its predecessor.  We are a pure breed of optimists and so are the pseudo products  that test us one after another.

Most of the cosmetic products target facial skin,ranging from skin whitening solutions to wrinkle cure for younger looks. Cosmetics to make you younger by decades. These cosmetics contain chemicals that bring the claimed effects with in short period of time but also for equally short period of time.  With the artificial effects comes many side effects that are mostly not spoken about or warned through product description document. These side-effects are left for the users to explore themselves before discarding the product.

Recently, Ayurvedic concepts have been introduced into day to day life products. It is advisable to minimise the use of chemical products on body and look for natural alternatives. These natural alternatives are more beneficial and there goodness is forever. They are cost-effective and at the same time have zero side-effects. One such product is from the trusted house of Vicco. The brand that makes the famous Vicco turmeric cream. This one is an all purpose cream that has stood to people s faith for decades together.  Now VICCO labs have come up with yet another natural product Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam base. Its Ayurvedic formula combined with the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads.This is a substitute for the harsh chemical based face wash that damage our skin and disturb its natural pH.

Its time to go Natural and enjoy the goodness of nature. Because Nature understands us better than us. Here are a few skin care tips that I want to share:

1. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated. The water intake varies from people to people based on their nature of work and life style.
2. Wash your face whenever you are exposed to pollution or excessive sweating.
3. Use a clean and hygienic face towel.
4. Supplement your diet with a variety fruits rich in vitamins and minerals.
5. Avoid prolong exposure of sun between morning 10.00 am to evening 5.00 pm

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother ! My Treasure

The omnipresence of God is possible only because everyone has a mother. Mother is an epitome of unconditional love, support and emotions. Mother has no substitute in this world. We begin our biological existence from  our mother. We share the oldest relationship with mother because she is the one who knows us even before we were born. 

Mother is the first in every order of  our lives. She is the first friend, first teacher, first trainer, first expert adviser and first person we know. Yet sometimes we ignore her importance and give her less than she deserves for being a mother. 

I have infinite memories of my mother to reminisce. All so close to heart and touching. I am sure everybody has it in plenty ! 

My mother has always stood for me whenever I fell in short of confidence in life. She encouraged me to aim higher in life. I was a mediocre by mentality. But she gave me the confidence to believe that I can actually be the topper of my class. She celebrated my success so dearly that I got true motivation to give my best at everything I did till it became a habit. She taught me to balance myself because she also taught me to handle failures. I was into my teens when she taught me that failures are as natural as success and as much a  part of life although less desired. Her conversations were always full of experiences and yet simple to understand. 

I remember, I was in class VI when I got Chicken-pox and was admitted in isolation ward of a hospital. The annual exams were going on and I had already appeared for first subject exam. But when I got to know that I will not be able to appear for the rest of the examinations, I could not stop crying. By then I was already in the habit of coming first in the class for three years in a row. I was in a trauma and blamed God for infecting me with a communicable disease. My mother could not see me in pain and the next day she reached my school and requested my class teacher to arrange for a re-test. All my teachers loved me and were emotionally touched by mother s request. Later I got to know through my class teacher that she could not hold herself and broke into tears while requesting for my re-test. That year again I stood first. Today I realize that first rank was not so important then as my teachers had already assured that I would get promoted to the next class based on my performance by then. But my mother knew at that age, first rank meant a world to me. As a mature parent she should have been convinced with me getting promoted to  the next class. But the mother in her urged her to go that extra mile for me. 

Another moment very close to my heart is the one when she agreed for my marriage with a girl of my choice. I have known friends who always did what they liked without any objection from parents but finally gave up their true love because parents did not agree for that one final decision of love. I was lucky in this regard. When I introduced my mother to the girl I love she agreed without making it difficult for me. Although she had every valid reason to say  no for the reasons that we were from different faith, caste, community and region. She gave me the confidence to take a step further and convinced my father and rest of the family. She is both orthodox and liberal at the same time. May be because she did not give me a tough time on this matter I have taken it more of as a moral right. To make it simpler for me my mother made things too complicated for her to handle with relatives and society. But she somehow managed it. She actually managed a life of my choice for me. 

Whenever I feel insecure, I have a reassuring faith that I have a mother who can take care of and handle any issue that goes out of hand for me. And that faith is a million dollar faith for me, a faith that lets me sleep forgetting all my worries and apprehensions in life. A faith that is both therapeutic  
and  relaxing.  This faith is a privilege for only those who have mother.  

Mothers are multi-taskers. The multi-taskers who played every role, ever so perfectly! The one and only expert for anything that you required.This Mother's Day, Godrej Expert Rich Crème celebrates your first expert. While we’re celebrating moms, it’s also time to celebrate the most widely trusted expert when it comes to hair colour. Click here to read more.

                                                                                                                                                                            Image Source:  

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happiness is Cheap yet Priceless

I find a million narration on the word happiness. With cliche' lines like " happiness is a state of mind" and ''happiness has got nothing to do with materialistic things"  my idea of happiness, only got more and more distorted and confusing.  If it was so, Why do I feel happy after buying gadgets of my   desire ? Also, Why after much struggle I am unable to lift my mood when someone upsets me when  all the while I kept convincing myself inside,  I have to be happy. It did not make me happy that way. Only time served the purpose till I laughed a mouthful the next time. And if that is the pragmatic reality behind the secret code of happiness why not accept it that way rather than in an impractical way. 

Although I have some faith on the universal cliches of happiness but today i am not in a mood to see life that way. Lets taste the paradoxical thought of materialistic world. 

Yes I am not bit ashamed to accept that material add happiness. If money is not everything at least it is something to be happy about. It can buy me good house where i can live in peace with my family. Of course living in harmony is a different subject altogether. We exchange money for luxury. Luxury adds convenience  if not happiness. But isn't convenience another form of happiness ?  Yes it indeed is ! 

I will be more happy with the convenience of travelling in a private cab than in a crowded bus with my wife and children barely having space to stand. I have come across an old couple in train who being from Jhansi, the neighboring city of Agra never visited the Taj Mahal for want of money. They lived life of poverty to manage their children's education  while i also met a couple in train who came all the way from the U.S only to see The Taj Mahal.  

I do not differ from the thought that happiness is a state of mind but I also believe that happiness is sandwiched  between the  tangible (material, money) and the intangible ( emotions, love). 

The Intangible

The very meaning of happiness starts from the word family. Parents, siblings, wife and children together complete the word family for me. Imagining life without one is like stepping into the impossible. When we all sit together in drawing room over a cup of tea with snacks of gossip, the word happiness seems small to epitomize the feeling and then we realize that a loving family is an ultimate bliss.

I can not imagine a life without friends. The moment i keep a step outside my doorstep i think of my friends. In fact they are the very reason I move out. They are true stress busters, pillar of support, bags of happiness and a reason to toss. They are mentors, philosophers, advisers and pranksters. They are the ones to test my laughing endurance. 

If you have these two entities then surely you should lift your hands and pray the word of gratitude to God.    
Although life seems complete with these two entities but there is more I want from life --

The Tangibles

Your friends, family and wife will love you more only if you have a good job. I know we all agree on this  in unison. A job adds happiness only if  it fetches good money and also quench our passion. If you miss any one of the two, you are probably in a wrong business. 

Last but not the least "A dream Home". Imagine those family gatherings and dinning without a good spacious house. Imagine those gossip session with friends on a sky watch terrace of your house. Yes I mean happiness should have a physical address ! A home sweet home with a outstretched green lawn and flowers. It is sweeter than it sounds. It one of the most important ingredient of true happiness. 

In line with the relation between happiness and house, the Kolte Patil Developers presents the Ivy Estate in Wagholi near Pune, a property spread over 85 acres in the lap of nature, which marries modern amenities and natural charm perfectly. The 1600 families already living there are a living testimony to this fact.

#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home at Ivy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself.

Share your idea of Happiness & bliss. 
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