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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pimple, Plight and People

There are only a handful blessed soul who do not undergo the wrath of pimples and acne during their puberty. For others it is painful face and loads of unnecessary advice by people around. How much ever you try to avoid the thought of those protrusions on your face in order to keep your hands away from breaking them but every soul around you will remind of it at the slightest excuse. 

To me it was the same. Like every teenager i too was a victim of acne and pimples. But pimples bothered me far less than the so called well wishers of my life. I have few experiences to share my journey of pimples and I am very sure many of you would connect with my encounters. After all we live in the same world.

Five Silly Tips I was offered

1. Apply saliva on pimples as soon as you get up in the morning. To me it did not make sense. How can some one without brushing his teeth even think of doing this task. 

2. After meals rub your unwashed hand on the face  so that the food can form a mask on the face. 
I did not dare to ask the logic behind it.

3.  Once I was passing by Cubbon Road in Bangalore with my friends. A stranger came up to me and asked my friends to stand at a distance because he wanted to talk to me in private. He told me he has a homemade medicine to cure pimples in one week. I was wondering why was he doing it so secretly when he can make  millions by his magical medicine ?  He also urged me to pat my face with my own used underwear soaked in lukewarm water. I laughed right on his face in frustration and left the place.

4. Don't apply face wash or soap on face. Wash your face with plain water only. This advice came from a Banker Uncle. I could be a potential hazard for running a bacterial habitat.

5. If you have pimples then you are in affair with a girl. This was told to me by a shopkeeper where I bought my stationery from. You will get rid of  it only if you break up with her. To my surprise boys with girlfriends fared much better when it came to pimples.  

My own Tips that helped me.

1. Keep your hands away from pimples. Pricking is a complete No No.
2. Drink plenty of water. It removes toxins and free radicals.
3. Avoid eating oily and spicy food.
4. Use a clean and dry towel to wipe face.

5. It is believed that application of Soap on face makes the situation worse. So during my teenage I used Garnier Gentle Facewash. It is soap free and pH balanced. It had very positive results on my pimples. I believe the new specialized version for pimples  Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash will be more promising and effective in this regard.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jiyo Dil Se 2

For Prequel click here

Ankit's excited voice filled her heart with joys of yesteryear. She had waited all these 3 years  hoping he would someday reappear with past resolved and simplified to walk again hand in hand. But some dreams are far, far and yet truly lovely.

Mira: ( After a pause) I recognized your voice right from the word you said hello. But over the years i have learnt the art of controlling my emotions. I am no more the girl you left three years before. But when you don't let your emotions to rule you, you become restless. And I had been restless to call you. I know I had to talk to you.

Ankit: Hmm... You sound really matured. I see you have a lot of understanding about yourself.           Introspection. A word we used to discuss at college canteen has become so practical in you. 

Mira: Yes indeed.

Ankit; So how you doing?

Mira: Do you even care ?

Ankit: Do you even bother if I care ?

Mira: So you think I have become like you were always ?

Ankit: That is how you took me always.

Mira: It took me months to hold myself. And I am fine today.

Ankit: So am I. No amount of apologies qualify me to be a forgiven soul. All these years I had been              in a hope to come in contact with you. But none of your friends gave me your number. 

Mira: I made it a point not to share my number with friends.  Talking to them was an excuse to revive           your thoughts. And I wanted to do exactly the opposite.

Ankit: Mira...... I am married to Riya. We have a daughter and I m really happy the way our life is going. But every time I realize my happiness, my thoughts run back to you ; To know if you are leading a happy life. I want you to come over me. I want to see you happy without me. Because your agony is a mutual pain for both of us. The thought will trouble me and steal the charm of my life. And I cant change myself for this. I cant be oblivion to your pain.

Mira:  But for this I will have to forgive you. And to me this is next to impossible.

Ankit: Don't forgive me for my good but please forgive me for your own good.

Mira: I will try. Bye  ( disconnects the call)