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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jiyo Dil Se 2

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Ankit's excited voice filled her heart with joys of yesteryear. She had waited all these 3 years  hoping he would someday reappear with past resolved and simplified to walk again hand in hand. But some dreams are far, far and yet truly lovely.

Mira: ( After a pause) I recognized your voice right from the word you said hello. But over the years i have learnt the art of controlling my emotions. I am no more the girl you left three years before. But when you don't let your emotions to rule you, you become restless. And I had been restless to call you. I know I had to talk to you.

Ankit: Hmm... You sound really matured. I see you have a lot of understanding about yourself.           Introspection. A word we used to discuss at college canteen has become so practical in you. 

Mira: Yes indeed.

Ankit; So how you doing?

Mira: Do you even care ?

Ankit: Do you even bother if I care ?

Mira: So you think I have become like you were always ?

Ankit: That is how you took me always.

Mira: It took me months to hold myself. And I am fine today.

Ankit: So am I. No amount of apologies qualify me to be a forgiven soul. All these years I had been              in a hope to come in contact with you. But none of your friends gave me your number. 

Mira: I made it a point not to share my number with friends.  Talking to them was an excuse to revive           your thoughts. And I wanted to do exactly the opposite.

Ankit: Mira...... I am married to Riya. We have a daughter and I m really happy the way our life is going. But every time I realize my happiness, my thoughts run back to you ; To know if you are leading a happy life. I want you to come over me. I want to see you happy without me. Because your agony is a mutual pain for both of us. The thought will trouble me and steal the charm of my life. And I cant change myself for this. I cant be oblivion to your pain.

Mira:  But for this I will have to forgive you. And to me this is next to impossible.

Ankit: Don't forgive me for my good but please forgive me for your own good.

Mira: I will try. Bye  ( disconnects the call)