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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Missed Call Mania

Mobile phones have been the greatest revolution in the era of communication. The complete world has become a neighborhood. You might be in India and still remain in 24 hrs contact with a friend in Sydney through calls or chat and that too at a cost of a burger. Thanks to apps like Whatsapp !
The continents are just a ping away. Life is close, simple and convenient. 

With the advent of mobile phones came the most affordable means of communication called "Missed Call". A missed call only meant the call that went unattended. But that just remained a terminology. And Missed calls kept touching different sections of society in different manners and finally took a form of a language that is understood by different users with their own different meanings. 

In 2003, when calls were expensive and we were poor students, a missed call had  meanings like I am waiting outside your house or meet me at the bus stop. It was a means of virtually knocking a friends door without letting his parents know who the knocker was. It also meant I am starting from home lets meet at our regular place of meeting.  During bad days it meant, "call me back I have no currency to call you". Trust me missed calls were never misunderstood and always gave desired response. For lovers Missed Call meant I miss you. It was also a means to probe if your boyfriend was busy on phone or sleeping at late night. For many it was a nightmare owing to the amount of explanations and lies that one would need to justify a late night busy phone.  

Time changed and impact of missed call in social life gained universal acceptance. Now missed calls became official. Tele-shopping companies invited missed calls to book orders on returning calls. Successful TV shows invited missed calls to vote for support on various social issues.  Advertisement world used it as a new forum for promotion of products. A missed call can do things that a complete call cannot. The misfit Missed call became the new fit of the society. 

But the recent Political Missed Calls have taken the tradition too far. A missed call can now make you a member of political party like BJP. The latest drive is aimed at increasing the membership of the party to become the largest party on the surface of earth. But a mere miss call to me makes no sense. How can a person who is not even aware of party's ideology and origin be a member of the party? A party member is the one who is supposed to endorse the ideology of the party.He is to support the party in its decisions and  future endeavours. It is just a faux pas that can only give you misleading numbers and conclusion. The past week saw a lot of drama and debates in the leading news channels on membership though missed calls. It is wise for the wise man to first understand the party through its origin, ethos and future vision before subscribing himself for a particular party. Otherwise, missed calls have better purposes to enjoy life. Make your own meaning of a missed call, there are still plenty unexplored.