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Friday, February 16, 2018

Story of Tublu -- An Amazing Journey Called Life

                       There are some books that send you into deep thoughts and psychological exploration. And then there are some that simply sit face to face with you and narrates the story as if the author himself is in conversation with you. This is exactly what Jahid Akhtar’s debut novel “Story of Tublu” does to you.

               The book starts with its lead character Tublu as a child and his gradual journey from a village Govt school to English medium and finally into an Engineering college. His childhood love for Maina, Mr. Sharma’s daughter moves the story. The book meticulously covers the natural beauty of Assam and its simple life style. But as the story advances, the book makes a smart transition into the life of metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. The book further takes you to the United States and Germany with the flow of story. 

The story has a very natural flow and at no point digresses from reality. The best part of the book is that it never struggled to blossom the love story between the protagonists, Tublu and Maina. The narration of the story matures as its characters mature in age and that underlines the beauty of this book. The book is not very heavy on literature dose and thus very inviting even for people who are not very fond of reading. 

So just grab your copy at Amazon and spend your weekend with an amazing storyteller Jahid Akhtar.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Indoor Air Pollutants ? Welcome the revolutionary Royale Atmos by Asian Paints

Every time I hear about the term Air Pollution my mind is engraved with  pictures of  vehicular emissions, industrial chimney menace and burning garbage dumps.  The idea of a common man ends with it. He thinks staying indoor is living healthy and safe. But is it that simple ? No !  The facts are alarming and shocking. For a factual shock, the air inside your house may be several times more polluted than the air outside. Also, considering the fact that we normally spend more time indoors (10 to 12 hours) than outdoors makes the situation even worse. The sources are many and identifying them would help us to improve the quality of air both indoor and outdoors. 

The indoor air not only includes the outdoor pollutants but also has significant contributions from in-house pollutants that are by-product of various chemicals, domestic fuels, cosmetics, personal healthcare items and cleaning agents. Your indoor living space may have hazardous chemicals suspensions 8 to 10 times  higher than the outside air. The following facts elaborates the unseen and unknown contribution in this regard.

VOCs stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and  are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids used in common households. VOCs include a variety of chemicals like Formaldehyde, Gasoline,benzene etc having both short- and long-term adverse health effects. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. VOCs are emitted by a wide array of products. Organic chemicals are widely used as ingredients in household products. Paints, varnishes and wax all contain organic solvents, as do many cleaning, disinfecting, cosmetic, degreasing and hobby products. Fuel like domestic LPG is also made up of organic chemicals. All of these products release organic compounds while we are using them, and, to some extent, when they are stored. 

To your surprise, the incense sticks (Aggarbatti), room fresheners and insect repellents all contribute to VOCs and are thus pollutants on the flip side. So the next time your Television news channel warn your about  the  increasing AQI ( Air Quality Index) and PM 2.5 be aware your homes are no safe hideouts to combat the menace. Indoor air pollution can increase chances of having flares of chronic lung problems, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory disorders due to various bio-chemical allergens. There are also likely longer-term effects from ongoing exposure that are more difficult to measure, such as the likelihood of lung cancer. 

Think of possible and innovative ways to make your home and the world around a better place to breathe and live for you and the generations to follow.

                                       Any Solutions ?????
                                                                       Yes ofcourse !!!

The first step to improve the quality of indoor air is to have well ventilated house. The volatile emission of chemicals from various house articles cannot be curbed completely. However, having a good ventilation can renew the quality of air inside the house. It is needless to say that the vegetative greenery in the form of trees and shrubs in your locality can naturally enhance the quality of the overall air. One should minimize the use of chemical products like disinfectants, wood varnishes and artificial room fresheners that are a good source of Formaldehyde (VOCs). Also, it is necessary that direct sunlight reaches the corners of your room to inhibit  microbial proliferation of bacteria and fungus.

            And if you want to go a step further, think of  "Royale Atmos by Asian Paints". A paint developed by the research and development team of asian paints considering the urban air situation and all possible unavoidable sources of pollution. Royale Atmos is the first of its kind paint that not only looks beautiful, but also cleans the air making it purer than before. It’s Activated Carbon technology reduces harmful pollutants from the air. Additionally, Royale Atmos also absorbs select household foul smells to make the air fresher. The paint has a  fragrance instead of the usual chemical smell.  

Asian Paints has tested Royale Atmos for its air cleaning properties at a third party lab for reduction of formaldehyde, a dangerous air pollutant. Royale Atmos was found to reduce formaldehyde levels by 85% under standard test conditions. 

I am sure you are craving to know more ....
                                    Visit the official page of  Royal Atmos by Asian Paints

Royale Atmos

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Love Diaries

The other day my wife shared a piece of write-up written by her college friend, Trisha. The write-up was actually a kind of diary note that elaborated her feelings for the boy she loves and wants to marry. I was mesmerized in the flow of her words and feelings. Trisha explained her bewilderment, the traumatic shock that she would go through on being married to someone else. The narration was based on imagination of a probable situation in future where she is being married to someone else. The narration ends with the line, " I would ran away. "

She loves X and wants to marry him. She also loves her family and cannot imagine leaving them forever for marrying X. Now, Mr X is not a simple entity like English alphabet X. He has an arithmetical angle  too. Yes, the same letter x of mathematics, aka synonym for complication, complexity and convolution. Mr. X is from another world, I mean Religion, Region & Reign. 

It is normal for Trisha to leap her parental ideology in choosing the love of her life. Being an IIM graduate, has surely graduated her to rise above unnecessary inhibitions. But she has a family that could not move with the pace of her world. They are not wrong for being  slow movers, she is not wrong either. So ! how to deal with the situation ? How to make L.H.S (Parents Dulha) = R.H.S (Mr.X Ladki ka Pyar). After all, another IIM graduate (Chetan Bhagat) has already done this in real life and reel life. Of course, the religion angle was not there in their case. And this is the only angle that has convinced Trisha that her parents will never agree for Mr. X.

LHS#RHS (Hence proved)

Hence, she has to choose between her parents and Mr. X.

My wife wanted me to talk to her friend and guide her through. She thinks I am an 'A'grade Love Guru. Half a decade back I was Mr. X  of her life and that says it all, why she wants me to talk to Trisha.

I chose not to talk to her. The reasons are very practical. I do not propagate love marriages neither do I oppose one. I did one because I wanted to marry her and not because I had fantasy for love marriage or anything against Arranged Marriage.  It was my love that chose its own course of love; its own direction. I did not draw inspirations from similar marriages in my friend circle, neither did I got discouraged to see similar marriages in jeopardy. The vicarious experiences did not affect me positively or negatively. I knew marriage is a very complex subject and there are infinite dynamics that control the success or failures of marriages. To me till date, the mode of marriage has never been an article to judge the success of a marriage. Marital harmony has got nothing to do with type of marriage (Love or Arranged). It is all about understanding, compromising, and sacrificing for each other. It is also about letting lighter things go to save more precious things in life.

If the most powerful thing between a couple is love then rest all stupid things can take a backseat. Stay assured that only pure love and care for each other can keep your boat afloat. The life is a dangerous sea and things around it are dangerous sea monsters.

Coming back to Trisha.

Explaining her my point of view will be pointless. I cannot quantify their strength of love nor can she quantify mine to understand why I took up the decision of a love marriage.  So no two stories can be similar even though the circumstances can be very similar. But I want to bring some clarity of thought on the subject. Choosing Mr X has good possibility of retaining her family along side. Although not immediately at least after a period of time. There are bright chances of retaining both if she goes with Mr. X. However, if she choose to do away with Mr X marrying someone else, the possibility of retaining Mr X becomes uber-zero. If she can live with this fact, she ought to take the easy route. And if she cannot,  then her easy route is surely Mr. X although it seems tough myopically.

To be continued.........

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Story of a Suicide- Book Review


Book                 : The Story of a Suicide
Author              : Sriram Ayer
Illustrations     : Ghana

              The novel is a story of four students -- Hari, Mani, Sam and Charu. It is tense to begin a book with the title “The Story of a Suicide” but the story magically takes you into the freshness of love and student life. The story is fresh, vibrant, eccentric and contemporary .

The novel has characters that are symbolic of today’s youth. The situations, the reactions, the issues are all contemporary and hence lets you connect immediately with the story. The story has a blend of love, revenge and friendship. It  also throws light on sexual orientation issues and its unacceptability in society.  The Twitter trolls and Facebook walls are no less significant than the protagonists of the novel. And that makes this book a complete package to read and instantly connect with the youth of the day.

The characters of the story have their own distinct identities. Sam or Sambamurthy is techno geek and can do the most impossible things with technology and gadgets.

Charu, Sam’s lady love is a strong, liberal, opinionated and assertive girl. She has strong objections to male dominated world and the resultant male Chauvinism. She is bold and audacious but a true friend who would go to any lengths to help her buddies.

Mani is Charu's best friend. He has spent days of destitute and poverty. His mother is the only ray of hope in his life. Mani being  a Tamil medium student is finding it hard to cope with a reputed English medium College.

Hari is Sam’s roommate in the hostel of the college where admission is a matter of royalty and pride. Both of them have no chemistry and very less interaction all through the book. Hari has a haunting past that has traumatic impressions on his mind and body.   He has been a victim of child abuse and had been subjected to prolong sexual molestation and harassment by his own Uncle. His torturous past is a secret that he has revealed only to his dear friend Mani. Hari is a gay and Mani is his homosexual partner. They love and understand each other’s pain.

The story has three major facades -- Sam and Charu’s love story that lands before its take-off,  Hari and Mani’s physical and emotional relationship and the third facade is the friendship between Charu , Mani and Hari. The story revolves around the emotional dynamics of these three facades that bind the imagination and interest of its readers. The book is sure to keep you glued till the flip of last the page. 

Striking Features of the book

The novel is like a handbook that systematically answers modern day issues. At the end of each chapter  one can find relevant questions that are of immense use and applicability. The book has smart answers with Do's and Don'ts for some of the most complex issues and problems. Hence, the novel is a worth read for both young readers as well as for middle aged people who need parenting tips and solutions. 

The audio links of each chapter is a complete bonus for the readers. So one has the comfort of enjoying the book without straining eyes for too long.

The illustrations are a major attraction of the book. I just fell in love with the art work. The illustrations are so wonderful and smart that it captures the complete mood of the chapter. I spent a good amount of time admiring the beauty of illustrations.

The story also explains how the lives of youngsters are ruled by their online activities and presence. The virtual world can actually destroy the real tangible world if not handled responsibly. The online snooping and how one's private life can be torn apart and served publicly by using softwares/hacking tools that are readily available. The book silently press upon the importance of cyber security and the subsequent vulnerabilities to ones personal life at large.

The parts of the story I related to the most

I loved the tweets that Sam used to tweet for no reasons. We all have been through that phase of life where sharing every bit of shit and high was a passion. I related it to the most.

Also the emotional relationship between Hari and his father was very relatable to me. The obnoxious dreams, the gut feeling that something bad is going to happen with his son was quite relatable and true.

I loved the chapters  Caesar meets Draupadi and the Facebook post of Charu. Both the post are thought provoking, bitterly true and bold.

Find time to read the complete novel @ 

My philosophy and Tips to deal with Life:

The biggest problem with us is that we take ourselves way too seriously. Life is enjoyable if we can give up comparing ourselves with other. It is a gift that needs to be cherished everyday and every moment but we seldom think that way and live life like a struggle. 

We all have our own rough patches or phases of life. But how we deal with it makes the difference.  I have learned  that change is the only constant. It clearly implies that the hard time will surely change for good with passing time. Sometimes we don't need to react or troubleshoot the issue but remain patient and let the time do the needful. Many serious problems that took the juice out of my life were simply neutralized with passing time and without my interference. We need to take our time, our own sweet time. 

Suicide is an impulsive reaction to a situation. A stable mind can never dare to kill or bear the torture of self killing. Biologically we are designed to protect ourselves at any cost; We are wired to be Selfish. However, this fabric of sobriety is destroyed when one does not take time to deal with negative impulses. Whenever we feel depressed and self destructive we should give time to ourselves at once. Time acts like a shock absorber  and every situation falls feeble in the face of time. Time has a healing of its own. Also one needs to keep in mind that there are things that one cannot change. We have very less control on the world around us and blaming ourselves for everything under the sky will not help us in anyway.  

It is much better to accept failures and win a few. Life is about spending time on earth and not about winning the virtual territories of illusions.  

Have a blissful life !!!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tickle your child's Imagination- #colgatemagicalstories

Children have a world of their own - A world that is pure, innocent and playful ! I enjoy when my son narrates me his own imaginative stories that have no relevance or purpose and yet sound so funny and de-stressing. I love him for that. It shows his innocent world to me where things are beautiful and lovable. According to him a home lizard smacking on an insect is about lizard kissing the baby insect and that perspective sends me into a laughter frenzy. I love to hear similar stuffs from him when i get an opportunity. I question him like a baby and he comes out with his own imaginary answers to which we laugh a plenty. I understand that my baby loves to see me laughing and he makes sure to give me enough reasons all day long.

As  parents we need to pamper our children to be more imaginative and creative in thought. We need to check on what kind of inference they draw when they come across day to day situations of life. Stories are the best means of introducing your children to moral education at a tender age that would remain with them as moral values till eternity. The modern education system is based on informative and memory techniques but the ancient education system was based on collection of short stories that had conclusive moral at the end. The stories were symbolic situations and the moral of the story was a tactical guidance for decision making to choose between right and wrong. The after effects were deep psychological impressions that shaped the overall character when the child nears adolescence. Panchtantra and Jataka Tales are some of the examples that shaped the minds of children during the retro era. 

I was delighted to see Colgate coming up with a great idea to entice the hidden creativity and imaginations of young minds. The  new  ''Colgate Strong Teeth'' pack comes with interesting pictures of sea creatures and some trivia inside them. The kids can open the pack and cut the sea creatures as collections. They can use their creative imagination to weave funny stories around these famous characters. This is purely creative and I am sure every kid would love to spend time with the otherwise useless packs.  The cropping of sea creature images will develop their motor skills too. This is a good combination of playing and learning with fun. 

My child is too young to weave a complete story using the characters. But I was excited to see that he identified many of the characters on the pack. He was very enthusiastic when I was cropping the characters with the help of a pair of scissors. At last he collected all the sea creature characters and placed them together as his collection. He named some of the unknown characters with names of children around our locality. Here are some pictures that show his excitement. Star Fish is his favourite and he keeps it in his pocket when he goes out with us. According to him the Star Fish fell down from the sky and became a star fish and cannot reach back home. 

Gift your kids with these collectibles when you buy the new pack of Colgate Strong Teeth

Find more on this @

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Laundry Goes Odd Even- An initiative by Ariel

We learn what we see and we follow it without questions. The routine becomes a universal law, a law that we never even try to test or challenge. We have grown up seeing our mother doing the laundry of the house. A daily chore where she never expected anyone else to help her with and neither did other members of the family felt the need to offer her a helping hand. That became a universal norm. 

Traditionally the  daily chores have been divided on the basis of physical efforts and strength required to do the job. So those activities that needed more physical strength and endurance came to men and women were tasked to do things that were  comparatively less straining. In that perspective, the laundry task seems to be an exception or say a complete misfit. It requires enormous amount of physical strength and endurance to do laundry yet it fell to women. I as a man find it the toughest task among all the known house chores. 

Ariel has taken a commendable initiative by sharing the tough laundry task between the two genders. Let men and women of the house share the load of laundry by following an interesting Odd Even rule.
When I came across this initiative i felt an urge to practice it and also propagate it further.

 I always took the opportunity to share the laundry along with my wife. The weekends gave me a good chance to  relieve my wife of the burden. But the #LaundryGoesOddEven  gave a whole lot of new perspective and I and my wife decided to divide the task on the basis of Odd and Even week. The odd week was mine and the even week was completely hers. So as a rule this week was my baby and I dutifully did the routine twice a week laundry ritual. My wife felt cared and relaxed for the whole week. I also enjoyed it because I knew I was adding a comfort to her life in the form of a good gesture. 
I admire the idea of sharing and caring. When we share our problems, responsibilities, duties and happiness; Why not to share Laundry. Let the toughest task of the house be everyone s responsibility. #LaundryGoesOddEven is an interesting and a very sensible effort in the line of Gender Equality. Let us join the initiative and be the real man. Let you be the example of a positive change. Let you be the role model for your children to emulate further. 

Below is a video that will compel you to change the age old thought that Laundry is women's business. 

'I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Online shopping- Check on LooksGud

There are multiple online shopping stores with each having its own USP. The products, deals, discounts and prices vary from one website to another.

The shoppers have a tough time hitting the best deal with respect to price and quality. One needs to spend ample time to compare prices and deals across each forum and finally zero on the best of the options.

But where there is a problem, there is a solution !!! There is an opportunity.

Introducing  LooksGud . An innovative solution to find the best deal across multiple online stores. With an aim to revolutionize online fashion shopping, LooksGud features products most loved by users and handpicked by their in-house fashion experts. They also list various discounts and offers by providing price comparison and discount coupons from multiple online stores including Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal, Amazon and much more.

LooksGud, the leading fashion discovery platform for India makes online fashion shopping fun and fast by bringing best fashion products from different e-commerce stores under one roof.

People waste their valuable time to find quality products on internet. LooksGud is established with the aim to modernize the fashion discovery by featuring products that are most preferred and handpicked by the users and in-house fashion experts at LooksGud and not by any automatic algorithm. The selected products are rated by its price, quality and look by their fashion experts. LooksGud fashion experts collect price details, latest deals & discounts from multiple online stores to offer the best price to the users. You can compare products prices, discounts, rating and reviews of your selected item under a single roof.

Whenever you find a good, extraordinary and amazing product, just add them as discoveries to your lookboard. The lookboard is a collection of similar items or a set according to your choice. If you love any product on looksgud, you can pin it to your personal collections known as Lookboard. Staying updated with the fashion trends is now easy by following lookboards of fashionistas, your friends or other users. 

You can purchase products and also participate in activities like vote on products, review of products, suggesting multiple online shopping sources for the same product, uploading actual photo of purchased item, reporting any out of stock/discontinued item to get more reward coins which can be redeemed with gifts. To sum up, Looksgud is fashion community for the users by the users.”