Podcast - Bus Kahani Hai

T his post is dedicated to introducing my Podcast - Bus Kahani Hai . I have made this podcast with an intention to connect to people through my voice. This is not only a means of sharing my views and stories with the world but is also a medium to talk to myself.   A podcast is a good medium to connect with people as it does not demand the attention of your eyes; all it wants from you is to lend your ears. Often when you are commuting on a bus or in a metro, listening to a podcast can be a great idea: All you need is an earphone and bingo! My Podcast - Bus Kahani Hai has a Trailer as an introduction and episodes that are published from time to time. All the episodes so far have been archived below with dedicated links for one-click listening. Also, it is my humble request to leave your valuable feedback and comments on this post or on my  Instagram page     Twitter handle  Bus Kahani Hai              Latest Episodes Episode 4 : Khidki Ke Baa

5 Ways to Make Money in College

Nothing compares to the charm of college life. The fashionable clothes, movies with friends and canteen treats, all become a memory for a lifetime. But college days are also best known as “I am broken dude!” days. Yes! We all agree on that. It is undoubtedly the most frugal days of our life because we are totally dependent on our parents for pocket money. The needs are umpteen and funds are uber scarce. With maturity seeping in, we also understand the financial limitations of our parents and restrict our enticements with a heavy heart. But wait. Guys! Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Don’t restrict yourself too much. Learn your liberties and expand the ambit of your dreams. There are plenty of interesting jobs that you can easily take up during college days and meet your day to day needs. Besides, it also hons your professional skills and can win you brawny points in college campus/recruitments. You will be a cut above others for sure. So, choose the best-suited job from a hos

Valley of Flowers Trek I Hemkund Sahib I

In August 2019, we a group of 10, trekked on Himalayan Ranges to Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib in Uttarakhand. It is a collection of those memories to cherish nature and the bonding we shared together. Thrillophilia was our trip planner. We started on 24 August 2019 from Haridwar. We were picked up by Thrillophilia team and had our night stay at Auli after 12 hrs of road journey.  The next morning we trekked for Ghangaria, the base camp for Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib. This is a trek of about 12 km. It is not an easy trek. You need a fair amount of physical and mental strength. Keep motivating fellow trekkers and get motivated in return. Sip water regularly and take short breaks without letting your body cool down. If you start at about 8 am you will reach Ghangaria at about 5 pm. You will be happy to know you have already climbed 10,000 feet by the end of day 2.  The next day is Valley of Flowers trek that is about 15 km both ways. It is not that tough co