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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A mother to a new born child.

With your birth i was born as a mother.With your breath i sensed mine.I understood god s job in a nutshell as i created a life on earth. With you in my arms i feel so complete. Its only in the domain of a mother to give back earth a life. You are my child and i developed instant love for you the day doctors informed me that m making a life inside my womb. Its a uber magic and i did it for the first time... Thank you my child for making me magical and mystical.

Your father started loving me more on the very day he saw my twinkling eyes for the secret love I had for you. He caressed me n loved me far more. He has become more responsible and caring. In short he has become your sweetheart papa.For the first time we talked of you and you were purely ours. You were the first biological credential for our relationship and togetherness.I have undergone a sea change ever since i heard n felt your progressing presence. My priorities have changed from an ambitious lady to a loving dotting mother. I never knew this is all a woman wants in her life. I never knew this is how my mother would have felt holding me few pounds in her arms. So now i love my mother even more. And now when i see you i know i have become immortal. because after my life a part of my life would still live in you. I know you ll surely mock some of my traits and style knowingly or unknowingly... probably thats why everyone now calls me your mamma........ love you

Dedicated to all mamma s for making this world sustain life in continuation.
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