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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Secret place, my muse , my solace.

My Secret place,my muse,my solace !  How much i love to come to you ; When I am sad and broken and you revamp me to face it all again. I know we speak; I know places speak to people.

After my first post on this blog i was striving hard to hit with the next. But nothing was conclusive enough to be presented. And now when i was determined to sleep after my breakfast this thought did not permit me to. It kept on coming to my mind until i got up and settled to write. Though the place I am gonna talk about is far from my reach and i haven't been to it for a long long time but still my previous engagements with the place have been memorable and spiritual.

Its dedicated to that secret, eccentric place i was once romancing with.The place am talking about is few miles away from my modern campus where I was living once . A branched path from the main road led to this place. It was away from time and people. No one visited it anymore, no one remembered it any more...Though it was quite near to a moderately populated town but people ignored and never bothered about the place. So i felt it was virgin, untouched and more preserved. The place has some very strange facts and to mention those i have to change my voice, my speech.

Its to you i came once when i felt so alone and aloof. It was our first encounter and I instantly knew that i would prolong this association. I searched you as much as you searched me that day.I know this because i never knew about you, nobody ever talked about you but i reached you . That evening my bike took me to you over a cup of introspective conversation over a sunset. I was awestruck by your looks and belongings. You were old yet prospective. You were alone yet merry.You were pristine and preserved for me. Now when i recollect you i see the small pond in your heart with historic concrete steps over which I used to sit and talk to you. The water was calm with ripples emerging without the slightest disturbance over the surface of water. Behind me was an old abandoned temple with stone impressions of god unknown to the modern worshipers. Next to it was another identical temple. Two huge neem trees with birds perching on it. The running breeze swept you everyday and maintained your tidy. Because you were at a good height from near by places; you had the privilege to see and supervise everything around you.

                                I could have easily walked up to the downside town to know you more, to know your past. But i never did that, fearing that i would get twisted and misconceived details about you. So i preferred talking to you in our solitude meetings. I promise you spoke to me for all those times i came to you. You took all the negativity that i carried with me while coming to you. Your water always showed me the person I was. You made me pure from mind and soul. I always came to you alone because I understood that you did not like crowds. That is probably why you never attracted the adjacent town civilization to you. Though you were the best they had. I learned to be quite and composed in myself from you. I still adore the fact that you had everything in pairs. Two trees, two temples, two peacocks, birds in pairs, two sides (one leading to the highway another to the downside town). And to complete your theory of '' awesome twosome'' i always came alone because the second being you yourself.... awesome twosome. I understand that a conversation can only take place between two. So i came alone to complete your twosome. I know you have been there for ages and I am too young for you to be connected through ages. So i believe that you choose a few from different times to know you. For the time its me. Do you remember I used to carry a Walkman (music player) with me ? but never bothered to play it because I always preferred your humming musical breeze to the cacophony my player would create to your ambiance.The only loner was the plunging Sun, but before it could submerge into the horizon moon appeared to complete the awesome twosome. I know you wanted to say that nobody is alone and nobody would be left alone as the moon came before the sun passed away waiting for its counterpart.

To the world you were no one but to me you were a spiritual friend, a book of wisdom with no black letters. You never preached but always left to the imagination of others to ask you what they want and get solid knowledge as your cognizant replies. Am away from you now, miles and miles. I have not seen you for seasons but i know you are still there; untouched, unknown and uninviting all. But I will remember you always and seek help from you and your possessions. I know there must be some one new as your secret visitor. Yeah !  to complete your awesome twosome and you surely know how to get your time friend.... You have excelled at that art, the one you have been doing for ages to ages and times...

You are a worth muse by all standards......

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