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Saturday, April 20, 2013

To Paris- With Love.

I waited for you a whole year. And you kept on delaying the most awaited meeting. I only heard of you and saw you in digital pictures. Never did i imagine that i would come to you one day but then you attracted me, fascinated me, enthralled me, intoxicated me  and almost  made excuses to keep me intact with the faith that I would meet you. Finally the wait got over and on 15 Apr 13 we touched each other. As the IA flight touched the runway i sensed the race of my heart. It was a sheer love affair, coveted and concealed. When I saw Paris Airport  i was delighted like a kid. A drive to the city Hotel Adagio and I sensed every reason why France is so much of a craze and a dream for millions. Though it was already late by the time i got over with dinner but i still decided to take a walk to Eiffel as its the closest venue from my place of residence. I chose the path alongside river  Le Seine. The breeze was mild and gradually handed me over to the spot of love. A place more romantic than the word Romance; Yes its Paris for you. Beautiful people, beautiful place and beautiful architecture and heaven s neighborhood is Paris for you.   Come fall in love !

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

At Last She.....

Harish and Tejas came to Bangalore  together when they got a placement in Neosys Software company through college campus recruitment. Being school time buddies they decided to stay together at a rented flat. Harish was subtle and usually calm but Tejas was kind of a rocKSTar fellow who always used to be cool dude types. Though both friends were poles apart but were close and extremely fond of each other. A handsome job at 22 years of age and a city like Bangalore was a reason enough for them to add the word girlfriend to the list '" I WANT".

                              One evening as Harish entered the flat he saw Tejas completely lost in his laptop screen.
 "What the hell makes you stick to your laptop after a day long work with the same machine in the office?", Enquired  Harish.

"Dude I am chatting with a girl that too from Bangalore. Her name is Sandhya.  Finally i will not have to sit at home on weekends and   cook for you. " Replied Tejas with a laugh.

After 2 Months:

"Dude you haven't moved an inch from your chatting sessions post office hours. Are you sure she is a girl at the first place ?",said Harish to Tejas. 
"Why don't you be adamant on getting her phone number. Its been two months" I seriously feel She is a guy fooling around with you like once Rahul did to you in College days'
Chup ker be ! You think I am a fool to be spending  hours with a guy on the other side.
Tejas said with a friendly punch on Harish s back.

"Ok!  I will try once again for her number", said Tejas.

In the chat box

Tejas-       What is the big deal about giving your number Sandhya.
Sandhya- Let s meet before exchanging numbers.
Tejas-     Ok atleast your pic..I am sick of chatting with katrina Kaif as ur profile pic yaar.
Sandhya- Ok check your mail.
Tejas-     Thank god at last atleast a pic to know you !
Sandhya- Ha ha ha...

Harish and Tejas looked at each other before Tejas opened his mail box.

Harish-Abe Saale bhabi to mast hai. She is so sweet and simple. I liked her man.
Tejas- Dude now you will understand what this Tejas is capable of.
Back to chat box:
Sandhya- Ha ha ha...
Tejas  -    Tum to mast dikhti ho yaar. You are really a dream girl !
Sandhya- Oh ! Really. Can I see your pic too.. M too sick of chatting with SRK as your profile pic.
Tejas-      Wait...lemme search my hard disk for the best pic of mine. I am already feeling complex.
Sandhya- Tejas. I want to tell you something.
Tejas-      What you already have a boyfriend ? lol
Sandhya- No i am serious. But I dont know how to say.
Tejas-      Tell me Sandhya. I am tensed.
Sandhya- Tejas ... I .. I cant speak. God hasn't blessed me with the power of speech. That is the very reason i never gave you my number. 
Sandhya- Hey are you there...?????????
Tejas    -  Yeah i m actually searching my lappy for a suitable pic.
With that Tejas shut the flap of his laptop and went to bed.
He asked Harish lying on the adjacent bed," Dude are you awake?" 
He narrated the whole story to Harish and said, " I am not interested to meet her now. I cant see a future with this girl "
 Harish- But she is a lovely girl. I have been listening about her from you and she really seems to be a great girl.
Tejas- Nope man. I can't. If you like her and have a different opinion why don't you go and meet her as Tejas. She hasn't seen my pic yet.

Harish after some serious thinking decides to meet Sandhya on Sunday evening as Tejas.

Sunday Evening : CCD ( Cafe Coffee Day ) Malleswaram 18 Th Cross next to Sankey Tank road, Bangalore
Harish is waiting for Sandhya to appear. He secretly has a red rose concealed under the buttons of his cotton shirt.
Finally a girl to match the pic of Tejas Mailbox appears.
Harish waves his hand and stood up to greet her.
Hi, Sandhya?? I am Tejas - said Harish
He offered her chair and extended the hidden rose with a smile.
She too smiled back. She took a pen from her hand bag and a paper napkin to write THANK YOU  :)

The waiter appeared instantly to make a long awaited business deal.
Sir your order please.
Harish ordered a Frappe and after few seconds of thinking ordered a cappuccino  for the lady.

Thank you said Harish to the waiter who took his order.
Sandhya again wrote on the tissue paper " Thank you for remembering my choice of coffee i once mentioned while chatting " You are so caring. :)
 Harish flashed a smile for the compliment.

After the cup of coffee, Hairsh started feeling guilty. He knew he was cheating a girl whom God has already cheated with a mute life. He felt bad for disguising himself as Tejas. A sudden flow of emotions and Harish spoke the daring words --
'' Look Sandhya ! I am not Tejas. I am his friend Harish. When you disclosed about your inability to talk, he could not accept you that way. I am his close friend and i know you through him. I like you and decided to meet you for reasons unknown to me. So I am here sitting with you and confessing the truth. I may be wrong for that matter. But i like you like this. I know it is not always that you will have to write and express your self for the loss of voice and words. May be after sometimes we may learn to talk through eyes and gestures. I don't know what you are feeling at the moment. May be i should just leave now. "

With that he dragged his chair few inches behind and turned his back towards the counter to pay the bill.
Two steps ahead and he heard his name being called in the sweetest voice possible.
"Harish .... I love you "   

"Yes I love you", And if you don't mind please order a hot walnut brownie also, to celebrate this day" at last she spoke..

Surprised Harish looked at her with eyes full of love for walnut Brownie and Sandhya of course !

Image: Google , CCD images
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