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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Never Mind Yaar - Book Review

" Never Mind Yaar " as a title, suggests that the book is going to be cool and  casual read to refresh mind. But that just remained a dream far achieved. Later, through half of the book i decided to take the title more seriously going by its literal meaning " Never Mind Yaar". A good book on the shelf to pick particularly if you are in your teens going through your college life. The book is conceived by K .Mathur. (K ?????)

Golden Points:

1.  The book is basically a love story and optimally blended with friendship between three young girls from three different backgrounds -- Hindu, Parsi and Christian.

2. A story of youngsters for youngsters.

3. Simple read.

4. Has less characters in the story and also has a  very cosmopolitan approach.

Grey Areas :

1. The book is honestly over priced at Rs. 350 keeping in mind the targeted readers have still not started earning.

2. The narration is poor and will surely test your patience.

3. The story has nothing new and wow.

Rating: 2.5/ 5

Author: K Mathur ISBN -978-0-473-17480-4
Genre: Fiction
Price: Rs. 350/-
Number of Pages: 228

Where to buy the book:  Buy Online here.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mad for Each other ; Made for Each other

                                                          Few minutes past 2 am, 'Is that a time to meet the most special person of your life the first time ? But that is when we met. A moment of eye contact and I realized I was clean bold that very moment. A gentle touch and a warm kiss pregnant with emotions, happiness and love. This was our very first interaction when the world around was sleeping waiting for a dawn. After that i left you for few more hours but  your face kept on appearing before me at every single blink of eyes. I was loving it. I was loving your smell. I was loving that finally we met. I was loving that we will meet again. I was loving that we would be living together soon. I was loving the dream of a life with you. 

You were me as I were you. Extension of my own self. Extension of my soul. Extension of my identity. Eternal, mystical, spiritual. My lessons on patience and responsibilities.  You relax me. You excite me.You are tender yet my strength, you are fragile yet my support. You are a perfect addiction. You are an innocuous drug I love being addicted to. An artistic blend of me and my better half. You are my child and I am your Dad. #Celebrating Fatherhood.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Aromatic Affairs.


"My Aromatic Affairs"  is a poem  dedicated to my nostalgic memories associated with  smells, fragrances and aromas that I grew up with at home. There are some coveted ones i cannot recreate but the longingness still fills the void of their absence.

My Aromatic Affairs

Months piled together for the years to fold
Those memories now, seem just a day old.
When aroma of mom s morning tea
urged to quit the bed and stand bold.

The morning breakfast that began the days
was a mix of love and nutrition in a way.
But the smell of curry leaves and sputtering mustard,
still reminds me of those nostalgic days. 

Ending of annual exams brought smile

with vacations to unwind for a while.
The smell of fresh printed  pages of new textbooks,
was like a cologne on a free trial.

The cacophony of friends in the hall

eagerly waiting to feast and hog.
The aroma of Ammi's Eid Biriyani
reaching neighbors, crossing the walls.

Time then paced all too fast,
I came into my teens with a blast.
The perfume on her hanky that I stole
is the only thing that still last.....

Home had its own ambiance
with water soaked roses fragrance.
The roses that mother pampered
sitting in the garden in our absence.

 Thanking AmbiPurIndia for giving me a reason to retrospect my old associations with smell, aroma and fragrances through Smelly to Smiley Contest at Indiblogger.

For more information and add some more fragrance to your life visit @

[The bold texts in each stanza is the smell or fragrance that has a nostalgic connection with my home]

** Poetry Style - Ruba' i or Rubaiyat, a Persian style of poetry. It was popularly used by Khayaam and also by Robert Frost.  

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