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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anything for you, My love.

Tanya never paid any heed to Kapil s shaving rituals. She felt Kapil had a perfect face to sport all types of beard and mustache although she preferred him in a clean shave.

When Tanya became mother of a beautiful girl, Kapil was mad with happiness. He was a crazy father. But some how the little baby had problems with Kapil. She never embraced Kapil s kisses and hugs like she enjoyed Tanya s shower of love. Kapil could only bestow his love from a safe distance. The baby feared Kapil s presence, till one day Kapil sported a completely clean shaven look. That day changed the whole equation  between father and the little daughter. Kapil s hugs and kisses were reciprocated by the little angel with giggles of laughter and smiles. That very moment the couple understood what annoyed the baby. It was Kapil s smelly spiky stubble, that played villain between the duo. 

Oh my God !  My clean shaven look bowled her over ...  Exclaimed Kapil with joy. 
Anything for you my love, said Kapil. 

When it comes to our children we never compromise. We sacrifice our old habits at the slightest excuse for them. And of course, maintaining a clean shaven look was not as difficult. After all your baby s love is a good bargain for quitting old habits. 

Since then, Kapil follows a daily ritual of shaving and maintained a clean shaven look. And as they say, the rest is a history. 

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Friday, December 27, 2013

To be Clean, Keep it Clean.

        Sooner puberty knocked my door, I had the luxury of soft facial hair growth in the form of beard and mustaches. It was difficult to handle. I wasn't  prepared for it. In those days anything that pulled my mind out of books was labelled trouble. Sometimes I used a pair of scissors to trim it but the more I trimmed the better it grew. 

SI P Sharma
Time paced too fast. I joined Police Force. A perfect clean shave was like part of my uniform. Every morning I shaved more religiously than I took bath. I don't know anything else that I have done as punctually as maintaining a clean shave on my uniform. Nothing compliments a stiff perfect fitting uniform more than a clean shave look. In the following years I developed intense love and liking for clean shave. It is by now a tradition for me to shave every morning like brushing my teeth. 

Last month I was on a month long holiday and decided to sport a stubble for a change. It was just  two days skipping of my decade long tradition of shaving. But I was already restless to handle it. I felt itchy and unclean. Un-groomed for that matter. It gave me a feeling that I am sick and unwell. It gave me a stale like feeling. My morning shower no longer convinced me that I am neat and tidy. I gave up the idea of having a stubble at that very moment and had a clean shave to regain my peace and confidence. All I know now is that I hate that unclean stubble. Nothing compares to a clean shaved face. The Police Force gave me a tradition that was indeed tough to adopt but even tougher to quit and live without. I am glad that even women feel the same. "No Shave is No bath" for a lot of women across the world.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gift your Child with..

We all want to gift our children with a world of things. From favourite toys to expensive schools, from high end gadgets to super bikes. The list would never end. But if I am asked to quote 5 things that I would want to gift my child with, what it would be ? The choices become tough and thoughtful. A question that every parent s mind should ponder with. May be we all should share our choices to choose the 5 best gifts for our children.
Gifts for children

Without much of thinking  the 5 gifts for my child would be:

1. Quality Time: The first thing I would want to gift my child with would be a lot of quality time. In an attempt to bestow everything, we deprive our children of the most important gift they deserve; Our quality time. So I would struggle, strive and sought time for my child. 

2. High moral values: If I give time, I will surely be able to inculcate high moral values like love, companionship, honesty,integrity,kindness and humbleness. A man without moral values is like a ice cream without flavour. 

3. Good Education: Education is the best legacy that you can gift your child with. Nothing compares to it. Education brings class, prosperity, confidence and identity to your child s life. It would remain with him all his life. 

4. Good Health: For a healthy future one must have good mental and physical health. I would gift my child with good over all health by teaching him healthy lifestyle, healthy food and healthy thought. I would ensure that he eats a balanced diet and spends good time on out door sports.

5. Investment: There is not everything that money can buy. But nevertheless we need decent money to secure our children s future. Good education and good health is closely dependent upon my financial investments. With inflation rate breaking all records, it is high time for every responsible parent to invest in child investment plans like Children Education plans and Insurance plans. There are a plethora of plans for children to choose from. This webpage would help you to choose one that suits your needs. 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life .

Plan now to have a worry free future both for you and your children.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dust and Gold - A Mystery

Dust and Gold.         Neoimaginations Copyright
When you cannot see anything, when you cannot shout, when you are nowhere; You are somewhere. Somewhere, don't know where but where darkness is a color. Dead darkness. And you strain your eyes to know what lies behind the darkness behind the black. The more you see nothing, the more you quench to know more. The more you quench for more the more you try to fathom. Where knowing nothing is a bless, where knowing something is a burden. Where zero is a stage you strive to achieve. Zero is powerful. Zero is a goal. When you have everything you will know what it means to own zero; to own nothing absolutely nothing. From a desire to having a desire to have no desire at all. 

            A content being. Satiated. No sorrows yet no laugh. You smile but you are not happy. But you are not sad as well. It's just being a zero. A perfect zero. It's not a perfect hundred and yet a perfect hundred. A perfect zero.

If you lack pain buy one. If you are full of pains, shop some happiness. But kill the excess. Balance the two till the net is a Zero. Zero is the balance. Aim a Zero balance. Colors are deviations. Deviations are being away from Zero. Zero is darkness. Darkness is no color. No color is a zero color. Taste the colorless. The darkness. The Zero. Dust is gold, gold is dust sometimes. When you don't know dust, when you know no gold ; You know what it means to know nothing. That is when you know everything. Dust and Gold. Dust in Gold. Gold in Dust.
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