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Saturday, April 20, 2013

To Paris- With Love.

I waited for you a whole year. And you kept on delaying the most awaited meeting. I only heard of you and saw you in digital pictures. Never did i imagine that i would come to you one day but then you attracted me, fascinated me, enthralled me, intoxicated me  and almost  made excuses to keep me intact with the faith that I would meet you. Finally the wait got over and on 15 Apr 13 we touched each other. As the IA flight touched the runway i sensed the race of my heart. It was a sheer love affair, coveted and concealed. When I saw Paris Airport  i was delighted like a kid. A drive to the city Hotel Adagio and I sensed every reason why France is so much of a craze and a dream for millions. Though it was already late by the time i got over with dinner but i still decided to take a walk to Eiffel as its the closest venue from my place of residence. I chose the path alongside river  Le Seine. The breeze was mild and gradually handed me over to the spot of love. A place more romantic than the word Romance; Yes its Paris for you. Beautiful people, beautiful place and beautiful architecture and heaven s neighborhood is Paris for you.   Come fall in love !

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