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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I love you for infinite reasons...

I am for you and you are for me, we knew this right from the first day of our formal interaction. At this crucial stage of life I am 6000 miles away from you but its my call and i don't have a choice. Sorry for i m not with you. Even more sorry for the reason that your people and my people are not there with you. It was supposed to be like this but we have the art of survival and that too a happy one so we will sail until we reach the destiny of togetherness. Its just a testing time and we ll have some more to sail through. One day on the horizon we ll see a sun as bright as our hopes and a moon as calm as our patience. That day the day will be more bright and the night little more cool. I have a faith, a faith that is unconditional, just like our love. 

                                        ---- Dedicated to my sweet wife surviving in the summer of India.
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