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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Refrigerated Platter

          Two years of college affair blossomed into a marriage for Monisha and Akash. Since Akash belonged to Bihar, he lovingly called his wife Monisha as Monuwa. Monuwa loved the new pet name given  by her husband. Life was a song for the couple. But unfortunately Akash got posted to a remote place  on account of his transferable job. The place of posting had no facilities to support family life and Akash had to go alone and wait for the periodic leave to see his beloved Monuwa back in Bhopal. 

                                            It was tough for Monuwa to live alone and away from dear hubby. But she had no choice. The better side of the story was that Monuwa had luxury of time and life style. Her college friends found it extremely difficult to adjust with their  in-laws post marriage. They lost a big deal of liberty and space. Mouwa had both the perks in plenty as she was not staying with her in-laws but all alone. She loved her TV. It was her door to unlimited entertainment. She started getting up late in the mornings as she slept late at night. She became Television Philic. She loved her daily soaps to such order that she used to cook once in a day and store the remaining food in refrigerator for remaining meals of the day. There were jokes in the market that Monuwa was so prospective and proactive that she used to cook her next Sunday lunch on Sunday itself by storing the food in Fridge. She would leave her bed only to open the Refrigerator door and grab her choice of food. The freshest food on the shelves was never newer than a week. She ate and she sat before the TV. Her passion did not permit her to make friends in the neighbourhood or to step out for a walk or some physical acivities. 

Occasionally, college friends visited her and warned Monuwa of her increasing body weight. She was a couch potato by then. Expanding and stretching like the daily TV serials she was addicted to. She felt lazy from mind and body. Sleeping at odd times and eating odd dated food. The two things she loved was her TV and  refrigerator. It was her lifeline. No amount of people s advice worked on her. That was her addiction to TV and refrigerated platters.

Three months passed in a jiffy and Bigg Boss 6 hewaniyat  just got over. It was the morning phone call that made Monuwa to get up little earlier than usual. Akash gave her a surprise that he was coming the next day afternoon for a month long leave. 

Akash was shocked to see the fat woman standing on the terrace of his rented house was none but his sweetheart Monuwa. He teased her as he hugged her after months. He brought dreams for Monuwa. He wanted to make up for the lost times. He wanted to take her out for movies and dinner. So the very next day they moved out to City Mall for shopping.

A few minutes of walk tempted Monuwa to breathe hard and crave for rest. But she was loving walking with Akash so she did not complain. Suddenly she started fainting accompanied with a pain on the left side of the chest. Akash did not waste time and took her to a nearby hospital where she was thoroughly diagnosed. The reports said Monuwa was suffering from high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and Obesity.She saw the reports and thought of all the warning signs that her body and friends gave her. She thought of Television and  her refrigerated platters. It was late to revert the situation. 

With heavy heart she asked the doctor,"Will I be fine ?" and the doctor smiled at her and assured her affirmatively.  She was asked to follow strict diet and medication with phenomenal change in lifestyle to avert the potential danger and welcome a healthy,happy life.

Moral of the story: Ignoring health warning signs can result in serious diseases and ailments at later stage. Respect and love your body because that is where you live.

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