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Saturday, June 15, 2013

WeChat - A dream chat.

With the advent of internet and mobile phones, communication has become as easy as a breath. Meagre press of a fast dial button on your cellphone and you are talking to a person who is thousands of miles away. And as if the voice was just not enough for  "the Dil Mange More" generation, we brought in super apps to cross all barriers of communications. You can hear, text and also see people  in real time. The distance is no parameter in the equation of this super app " WeChat ". The new App WeChat is the new revolution in the realm of social networking. Dont let your phone to be slanged if it is not installed with the revolutionary App  We Chat. Get it now @ WeChat's Youtube channel.

My so far experience with this application has tempted me to imagine a chat session with some of the most interesting people on earth.

Rajnikant SirOne man i admire for his simplicity and mad fan following. A great actor and a great human being above all. He is our desi all man - A superman, hitman, spiderman and batman.

Neo (Me)
Neo (Me): I want to be a part of the chat.


                   Ekta Kapoor: For being a symbol of women empowerment and ruling the TV industry                    for more than a decade. This lady is fearless and blunt.

 Big Boss: Nobody has ever seen him. We only hear his commanding voice and display of witty twist that makes this show a HIT HIT .I love Big Boss for his out of box thought and laconic conversations.

                                                 Uday Chopra: For his optimism to         deliver a solo hit. For his innocence and baffled choice of movies. 

Sreesanth: For all the controversies he has been into right from the days of his inception in Team India.

 Rakhi Sawant: One girl you can hate or like but never ignore.

And here goes the chat....

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