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Sunday, October 13, 2013

ABCD of Being Right or Wrong !

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 A world of right and wrong. A world of being good and bad , a world of sin and deeds; I am in a search of a world, beyond being right or wrong. Beyond categories, beyond preferences and beyond moral validations."
Every night I go into a trance judging my own actions and decisions made over the day. Its a vast world and I am not the center of this universe. I do my own rights and wrongs. Sometimes i do things considering it as right and then with time I vet it was wrong or the vice versa. This is a regular process which everybody is going through. Judging themselves. Justifying themselves. But is that a solution for the internal war of mind and heart ? There are actions that are right and there are actions that are wrong. But is there anything that is beyond this ambit or realm of being right or wrong ? Is there a world beyond these two categories ? And if 'no' is the answer; Then there should be One such world. Because there should be a moral space where we can stand, being immune to be judged by Right or Wrong. 

I silently ask myself the existence of being right or wrong.Being morally correct or incorrect.I long to do things that please me;To act free of bearing the guilt of being wrong or taking the stride for being right. Is there a world beyond these two benchmarks? If yes; I want to be there. Play there till sunset for just being myself and not for being the right me or the wrong me. Take my decisions or more aptly do my 'will' because decisions are things that you decide to do under the light of correctness and not by heart and I m in no mood to take decisions. To be in a world of no norms, no sun no moon; A time beyond time, a timeless time.

For all these years, I have done things that were either right or wrong; Sin or Divine. But do I have the option of crossing the ambit and reaching the euphoria of just beyond the moral tenets(rules) ? Its not often that i dream of this world but sometimes everyone wants to meet himself at a place where he is not right and where he is not wrong.He is just Himself and beyond the You.

There have been times when I felt like stealing myself from me to be with self or for self. But every time i do that i bear the pain of not being available for someone who needs me more than I need myself. And then i give away myself to situations, people, circumstances and times. But at the end of the day I find someone the most deprived; And i feel like laughing because that someone is ME. Who will pamper you if you don't pamper yourself ? Never deny yourself. Understand yourself that you need yourself more than others need you.

Sometimes it is not just about being right.Its about being happy and complacent though being a little wrong. And when you gain that share of your desired happiness, you can again go out on a walk to buy happiness for others at your own cost.That is how the equilibrium is maintained and you can prolong your ability to be more right by being wrong sometimes but happy at the same time. 

ABCD of being right or wrong: Neoimaginations

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