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Monday, December 16, 2013

Dust and Gold - A Mystery

Dust and Gold.         Neoimaginations Copyright
When you cannot see anything, when you cannot shout, when you are no where; You are somewhere. Somewhere, don't know where but where darkness is a colour. Dead darkness. And you strain your eyes to know what lies behind the darkness behind the black. The more you see nothing, the more you quench to know more. The more you quench for more the more you try to fathom. Where knowing nothing is a bless, where knowing something is a burden. Where zero is a stage you strive to achieve. Zero is powerful. Zero is a goal. When you have everything you will know what it means to own zero; to own nothing absolutely nothing. From desire to having a desire to have no desire at all. 

            A content being. Satiated. No sorrows yet no laugh. You smile but you are not happy. But you are not sad as well. Its just being a zero. A perfect zero. Its not a perfect hundred and yet a perfect hundred. A perfect zero.

If you lack pain buy one. If you are full of pains , shop some happiness. But kill the excess. Balance the two till the net is a Zero. Zero is the balance. Aim a Zero balance. Colours are deviations. Deviations are being away from Zero. Zero is darkness. Darkness is no colour. No colour is a zero colour. Taste the colourless. The darkness. The Zero. Dust is gold , gold is dust sometimes. When you don't know dust when you know no gold. You know what it means to know nothing. That is when you know everything. Dust and Gold. Dust in Gold. Gold in Dust.
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