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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Games at Twilight

                   It is always relaxing to watch the sunset. Had one such evening at Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur. This is one such place where you can spend the whole day with friends and family. There is an adjacent restaurant on the other side of the lake called Curry leaf where you can have sumptuous food to satisfy your taste buds.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Sorting Out Sid - Book Review

Just Married, Please Excuse, being a best seller, Yashodhara Lal has done good justice to her second book "Sorting Out Sid" too.

The book is an insight into the life of a 30 plus guy Sid and his breaking marriage.  It is a modern day story and most of the readers would instantly connect with it. The story revolves around Sid and Neha. But it is Sid s lonesome Beer sessions on his favorite bean Bag "Brownie" that takes you through the best reading experiences of life. It is insightful, intellectual, emotional and humorous all at the same time. While reading this novel I used to look forward to Sid s beer evenings more than Sid himself. That is the charm of the book. The book depicts the journey of a married man to being happily single again. 


1. The sense of humour that Sid's character imbibes is depicted to the depth of his thought level.

2. The monologues of Sid with his Brownie the bean bag purely hilarious and smart writing.

3. The office sycophancy and irritations are very natural and relative.

 In short  "Sorting Out Sid"  is one book that has all - Job pressure, a stupid boss to impress, sycophancy, a nagging wife, a breaking relationship and a blossoming new relationship with another woman.

Sorting Out Sid  is worth a read. 

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