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Friday, March 28, 2014

Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi : Humour

With Lok Sabha Polls just around the corner, Major Political Parties are leaving no stone unturned to give people a mouthful laugh before they again take them for a five year ride. First came the Youngress Advertisement with Flyover kaha gaya and Metro Kaha gaya hullabaloo. Then came another trump card about rural housing plan and Employment Scheme Advertisement, where people were singing in symphony for the prosperity of food,shelter and modernization in Youngress Raj. Youngress glorified their past so emphatically that even Kalmadi was taken aback. People were happy for Youngress atleast gave a final respite through these funny videos running randomly between Behenji serials and Cricket matches alike. Considerable amount of rocket science was applied to make these ads win people s heart. But all they won was people s laughter and anger. These Ads again reminded the poor Janta what they have been denied all these years.                                                                                     

But the seeds of fear started sprouting in the minds of Major opposition parties. The Lotus people came with yet another oracle advertisement with the Tagline "Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi". It appears as if people are standing in queue to deliver their part of  "Janta Maaf nahi Karegi" lines. It appears as if they have been trained and rehearsed to emote penetrative looks into the eyes of viewers to instill waves of anger for the ruling party. But Lotus people too have dirty records in the states to weaken their stand against the Ruling Party. Har Har changed the prefix and Mahadev was replaced with a dummy God or a dummy man.

Then came the Cycle wadi Party (SP) that shows girls with state sponsored laptops and Taj Mahal. The filth of Agra city smartly camouflaged like a secret undercover agent with lots of Photoshopic skills.We all know how we jump to shut the windows as the train passes Agra Cant Railway Station. But the Ace Cyclist father son duo never glorified  their largest accumulated heap of filth and garbage.

This 2014 elections is not about achievements and manifesto. This one is about dubious advertising, PR and sponsored News. The best in all the three categories, wins the right to milk us for another half a decade. And then Janta Unko bhi maaf nahi karegi. Maybe the then oppostion party would air advertisement with the tag line "Humko fir se bewakoof banane walo Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi. 


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