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Friday, July 10, 2015

Balanced Diet Vs Crash Diet

What is Balanced Diet ?

A balanced diet is one that gives our body the nutrition it needs to function properly and optimally.  In order to get truly balanced nutrition, we must obtain the majority of our daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Hence, a balanced diet should meet daily needs of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals in the right proportions.

With the fast changing lifestyle our eating habits have also gone a myriad change. We have options of eating things that taste better and are extremely convenient to cook as well. These two factors have completely changed our choice of food. The migration from Chapatti to Pizza, Upma to Maggi is a testimony to this debate. We prefer packed portable fruit juices to fresh fruits. In a bargain we lose healthy nutrients and actually take a lot of excessive sugars and preservatives that the processed branded juice is made up of. The fiber or roughage, essential for metabolism and digestion is also lost in the processing of these fruit juices. So in a way we are buying more health problems under the false impression of health benefits. No packed fruit juice can ever compete with the goodness of same fruit eaten as a whole.
The world is going gaga over the benefits of Oats and cornflakes. The advertisement world is selling these products as the ultimate salvation from health and heart disorder. The urban health conscious India has made chosen these two processed food as its national breakfast. But under the glittery masterpiece ad lies a bitter fact. The oats and corn flakes under go food processing techniques that dries (dehydrate) it under high pressure resulting in loss of almost all the natural goodness of these two cereals. The natural nutrients contained in the form of moisture and extracts have been lost in the processing. It is then fortified with artificial nutritional contents, the absorption of which by our body is another subject of discussion. A homemade Chapatti will always be a better choice. Boiled sweet corn rubbed with lemon and salt will satiate your tongue and body equally.
In an attempt to save time and complexity we have changed our food habits. We have changed our approach to hunger. We just try to calm it by stuffing anything that is high on taste and availability. That is why we prefer chips and cola. The presence of many untold hidden chemicals are affecting both our physical and psychological health adversely. The new branded food is making us lazy, obese, depressive and aggressive. Our cholesterol and sugar levels are shooting high.

The balanced Diet that consisted of cereals, pulses, dairy products like curd and green vegetables have been overtaken by Crash Diets. Crash Diet is a weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results.

Crash diets often appear to be working with in a  few days. The diet sends  your body into starvation mode. You'll experience rapid weight loss, but you're not actually losing any fat; instead, you're using your body's stored supply of the carbohydrate glycogen. As your body burns glycogen, you lose water as well, making it seem as though you're losing a lot of weight.
 Crash diets carry both long and short term health risks. The most common short term risk is nutritional deficiency. Long term risks include osteoporosis, as your body leaches calcium from your bones to make up for calcium deficiencies in your crash diet plan. Other long term risks include damage to the brain, kidney, heart and other vital organs.
Crash Diet is actually an intentional food withdrawal  practice to achieve weight loss and acquire a lean look. But considering its ill effects there is a better way of dealing with excessive weight. The trusted Dabur brand has come out with a natural solution for combating over weight issues. The secret benefits of honey have been exploited to give us a natural easy remedy for many health related issues. Visit the page  for more information on the subject.