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Monday, August 17, 2015

Del Monte Pasta Indiana

Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily. Although it is Italian by origin but Pasta has made its way to almost all parts of the world.  The pasta recipes have also undergone transformation to suit the taste buds according to the regional flavours. 

There are a number of interesting ways to cook and savour Pasta  depending upon the season and taste preference. Here, I am sharing my own signature recipe in completely Indian style.  You can call it a fusion recipe because it has ingredients, both from West and the East. 

I call it Pasta Indiana. Here is a step by step procedure to prepare this easy cuisine with in no time. 

List of Ingredients:

1. Del Monte Pasta             - 150 gm
2. Onion ( Medium)            -  01 Nos  
3. Capsicum                       -  01 Nos
4. Green Chillies                 -  02 Nos
5. Carrot                             -  50 gm 
6. French Beans                   - 50 gm
7.Tomatoes                          - 01 Nos
8. Sunflower Oil                  - 50 ml
9. Pepper powder                       
10. Salt
11. Turmeric powder (optional) 
12.Lemon                             -01
13.Tomato sauce/ Red Chilly Sauce/ Soya Sauce
15.Shredded Chicken (Optional) - 1/2 Cup  

Cooking time:           20 Min

Chop the vegetables into thin but long slices. Fine chop garlic cloves and tomato. I prefer cutting the beans, capsicum and carrot into slanting thin slices. The picture below shows my style of chopping. You can chop these vegetables according to your preference and convenience.

Chopped Vegetables

Shredded Chicken with squeezed lemon (Optional)

Chopped Vegetables 
Boil the Del Monte Pasta till the time it is completely cooked . You can eat and check the pasta to ascertain if it is completely cooked . If it sticks to your teeth while chewing, it means the pasta needs some more time to cook. Usually it takes 10 to 15 min for the pasta to cook completely. Add a pinch of salt and few drops of olive oil to the boiling water to avoid stickiness of pasta.

I prefer cooking pasta in Microwave Oven in the respective preset mode of cooking.

Cooked Pasta
Once the pasta is cooked and vegetables are chopped we are almost done. Heat a pan with sunflower oil or olive oil as preferred. Add chopped garlic and green chilies. Saute it. Now add sliced onion. When the onion become transparent, add rest of the vegetables one by one with chopped tomatoes as the last addition. Add salt to taste and turmeric powder a little bit for enhancing the colour of the sauteed vegetables. I love the flavour of turmeric powder. It can Indianize anything.So understand your taste buds and keep it optional.

Sauteing Vegetables

After Sauteing and adding turmeric powder and salt
Now it is the time to add the already boiled Pasta to the dry hot gravy in low flame. Once you add pasta to gravy, stir well so that the pasta get completely mixed with the gravy. Add your choice of chilly sauce or soya sauce and vinegar. I prefer lemon instead of vinegar. Add some classic Mayonnaise. Sprinkle fresh pepper powder and mix well. Turn off the flame and serve it hot with your innovative style of platter presentation.

Taste Maker Friends
You can also add chilly flakes and oregano if you want to make it more spicy. I already had seasoned shredded chicken at home, so I am using it for garnishing. Vegetarians can skip it completely. Because my wife is a vegetarian I am using it as a side dish with Pasta Indiana. 

Here are the pictures of Pasta Indiana in its final avatar with spicy shredded chicken.

 Relish it with your gang of friends on a lazy weekend with old talks and new gossips.

Find more about Del Monte Pasta here.

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