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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happiness is Being Together

A residential locality where people know each other and sit together in the hours of leisure to share notes is a dream for many in the world of digital connections. We find it easy to  text chat for hours but have apprehensions to put in efforts for a real sit together chat. It seems the digital forums of conversation have given people a decent excuse to avoid eyes. But how long can one pull on with just digital forms of communication ? At one stage the passions dies and we tend to part ways without a word of care.

During my early days of job, I and my friends used to look forward to evenings. Evenings where the most treasured part of the days. We used to join over  evening coffee at a nearby cafe and then there were sessions of gossips, philosophy and jokes on the same table everyday. We had cell phones but we never made calls to confirm each other's whereabouts. We knew only something very important can lead to missing the evening coffee with friends and that rarely happened on those days. It was the time to unwind ourselves from the world of worries, competitions and fear. But change is the only constant. It is always active. Although the transition was slow but it did happen and we lost that divine touch of the evenings.

Marriage and then baby care took the next best thing of the world. We lost our daily get-together. The world around us now was not the same. We had no de-stressing sessions with friends. A rare chat on whatsapp group or a periodic "like" on facebook was the only credential for our old friendships. But the change still remained constant.

And one day my friend,  Ankit invited me to his daughter s school Annual Day Function. I liked the idea because I love children. I also had my own memories of Annual Day during our school days. I packed up a little early from work and confirmed Ankit about my joining. As we entered the auditorium I saw another of our old friend Varun. We were a trio now as we were in our school days. I learnt that Varun stays close to my place and his son is also studying in the same school. It was a great evening for the kids and their parents.

Before leaving the place we decided to meet on Friday evening at city park, a place we used to go walking during our school days. Also, it was a equidistant point for all of us.  At 6 pm on Friday I left the office, I headed to the coffee shop  without confirming my friends whereabouts. I thought I would reach the place and wait for others to come. If they do not turn up i would not insist upon calling them because it wont work for a long time. But to my surprise my friends were there before me. They were already in our yesteryear. I just had to join in from present into the past and i did it with a ease.

The fluorescent orange lamps of the park was already lit. The birds were returning back to their nest. The sky was crimson red when i discovered it was 8 pm and we had already spent close to two hours. The breeze of the park again reminded us of the bygone era. It seemed that everything was the same except our priorities and life style.

We decided to make our families also a part of this park from  next Saturday evenings.
"Let our children also taste the real togetherness in the arms of nature"-- Suggested Varun.

I liked his idea and thought it would be a good idea to sit together in the arms of nature with the people who matter the most to us. After all real happiness is all about spending quality time with family and friends. And nature has a role. It provides us with a matchless ambiance that cannot be compared with the comforts of our drawing rooms. Nature has a soothing effect on our mind and body.

On the dinner table i discussed the evening spent with my friends in the park. She was happy to see me at ease. And then i told her our plan for the next Saturday. She was thrilled to the know whole idea. She too is a lover of nature and admires Nature more than Malls. 

Finally the much awaited Saturday evening arrived and we all reached the city park. My wife had made some home-made snacks for the evening. The women gelled well and so were our kids. The park was a bless of nature with shady trees and green grass. Chirping of birds resonated with the cool breeze of the evening. And suddenly everything seemed perfect and fine. This was the real happiness of togetherness with family and friends around.  

It made me realize that the real togetherness is meeting your dear and near ones personally and not digitally, spending quality time with them and taking that conscious effort to make it possible on a regular basis. Let the digital communication only be an aid to establish profound togetherness. Lets come close to nature and spend time in its vicinity to understand each other some more.

The Kissan India emphasizes people to discover the joy of  Real togetherness. The video below conveys this beautiful idea endorsed by Kissanpur.