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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Crazy Kiya Re

" It is not about what you do but how you do it !! ''

This was her favourite line and  religiously preached by her at least twice a day in college. A perfect cliche' to her identity !

By the time we passed the first year of college, the cliched line was an occasion for our group to sing in chorus to complete the remaining line as soon as she uttered the first word of her trademark cliche'. The monotony of this line however  could not stop me from falling in love with her. I knew I was falling free under the gravity of her love alone. A feeling I can relate to descending in a lift from the highest floor, of course with my eyes closed. Open eyes to me is a compromise to such divine feelings.

By the time I could realize what was happening to me, I was already in a trance dancing around the fire of her aura. I did not feel like coming out of it anytime. Apparently, I was living the best days of my adolescence. But dancing alone cannot be an everlasting joy. I knew it was the time to propose her. But what if she doesn't feel like the way I feel for her ? Chances were bright of being wiped off which meant free entry into Devdas club of  lovers. I certainly was is no mood to be a part of that elite club and be sympathized and lectured on home coming. 

I wanted to live with her for the rest of my life. I wanted to dream our future together imagining all that was tangible and intangible then. But the door to this euphoric dream was the proposal of my love to her. A "Yes'' in return was the key to this euphoria.  So I gathered all the courage in making up my mind to propose her the next day. A simple "I Love You" seemed like climbing Mt Everest.  I convinced myself on the pretext that we were friends and had no hesitations so far. How much ever I convinced myself but i knew it was not going to be easy for me.

So I planned to propose her in college canteen and to leave the place as soon as  the three words "I Love You" was pumped out. I was rehearsing the whole situation at midnight as a mock drill for tomorrows contingency. It was then i realized, I was going completely wrong. How could I forget her cliche' line, " It is not about what you do but how you do it !! ''

I knew I had to use this as a theme for my proposal. And the next hour of the night was enough to plan my big day.

I was waiting at the bus stop for her arrival with confidence, excitement and a little fear. The combination was one rare of a feelings. Everything was planned meticulously. 

A bus appeared on the horizon of the road. My sixth sense clued me that she was in the same bus. I positioned myself right in front of foot-board of the bus and waited for her to alight. As she was hailing down the bus, I played the romantic song "Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar, Naya Pyar hai Naya Intezaar" on the  stereo  player that I carried all the way to the bus stop. The melody of the song took me to cloud nine and I completely became oblivion of the crowd around.  I came on my knees, stretched an arm and with the other supported the stereo player on my shoulder. I remember her expression. She was surprised, shocked and embarrassed all at once. The crowd was taken aback. But at last she smiled. I don't  know what i was doing that day but she was worth my insanity.  We walked the remaining distance together without a word and yet the silence meant like a sound of love to me that day.


" I am insanely in love with you", I said with a calm voice.

She did not speak a word in return.

Another walk of silence followed.

"I need to leave now", I said coyly.

She nodded a yes and stopped walking.

As I began to leave; She said looking into my eyes, " I liked what you did".

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