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Monday, December 21, 2015

StarWars Arena with HP

                  "The Force Awakens" is the seventh serial release of the most loved and worshiped Space fantasy fiction the Star Wars. The latest salvation for the die heart fans is on 25 December 2015. It is the first part of the sequel trilogy and also the seventh episode of the Star Wars Saga.

                        The StarWars has an epic fan following ever since its first release in the year 1977 as "A New Hope". With every new release in the span of 38 years, the movie series has seen exponential growth in its fan following. It is a hot favorite subject of collection among collectors and anything that has to do with the StarWars becomes a coveted property to own by its maniac fans; That is the charm of the StarWars.

Down the same line comes yet another big thing to own for StarWars and Technological lovers alike, the all new HP Star WarsTM Special Edition notebook. The most trusted and the No.1 computer manufacturing brand of the world has come out with an incredible amalgamation of the  state of art technology with StarWars theme. It is love at first site thing for all the lovers of HP and StarWars. If you have the power to resist just check out this video    

 #AwakenYourForce   with HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook

If I had the HP Star WarsTM Special Edition notebook, I would use it to create my own StarWars Arena to watch Star Wars Series with friends in a customized Star Wars theme room at home.
I would develop a Star Wars wallpaper to paste it on the theme wall of the room. The HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook will take the center stage of the room. The room will not be brightly lit and rather will have a dark side with subtle neon lamps to lit the Star War collections like wall posters, CDs and theme gadgets that I have collected over the years. The ceiling will have radium stickers of celestial bodies like planets, asteroids and supernova stars. The room cum showcase arena will be like travelling into the space passing through galaxies. Every click of mouse will have a sound effect of Star Wars to keep me loaded into this wanted hallucination. My room will be a launching pad, a gateway to the most unknown secrets of universe.

Imagine entering a dark room that opens to a view of a Star Wars classic wallpaper with only edge illumination. The ceiling will have stars, planets and asteroids to give you a virtual feel of entering into a never ending and ever expanding universe. The darkness will be the mystery and dim lit glowing celestial bodies will be the hope of life and a new world within. This would be an ideal ambiance to set up a Star Wars special in house theatre to play StarWars movies on HP Star WarsTM Special Edition notebook. The red illuminating back lit keyboard will perfectly replace the dashboard of the Star Wars spacecraft. It will be my HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE (HMI) to explore the joyful journey into the special STAR WARS COMMAND CENTER .

The command center is a never before first hand experience of Star Wars saga. It is a heavenly gift of customized dashboard with themes, galleries of around 1100 images, sounds, movie trailers, eBooks and the coveted AUREBESH font. I will replace the windows notification sound with the famous R2-D2 Audio clip to create the Aura and the Power of the Dark Side. The special features like Audio by B&O play and Full HD display will make my STAR WARS Arena the next best place to watch the series. The COMMAND CENTER will also give me access to Behind the Scenes videos in making of the Star Wars.

My StarWars Arena will be a one stop Encyclopedia for StarWars fans.   You will never know the power of the dark side but You Will only on HP Star WarsTM Special Edition notebook.