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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In the Bargain of Impression

All our life we struggle hard to build impressions on people around us. Sometimes even a right course of action can fetch you a wrong bite of impression. It may mean something you never meant actually.  Impressions are mostly perception based and hence more complex to deal with and still we do not think twice before sacrificing so much on something that is so 
short lived and so volatile -- ''Impression''. 

Is it our false appetite for glorification by others ?  Or our dark needs are at stake ? Nevertheless we are addicted to creating impressions. We fake ourselves for liking something we actually don't like. We fake ourselves for committing something to we don't stand by. The soul reeks within and we tire more than the efforts, the labour we made and all just in an attempt to make an impression. 

But it is a fast world, everything refreshes itself. Your scores reset to a periodic zero every time the sun makes it way from the far east. And once again you are ready to give up your desires to win a day long impression.  The reality lies in the fact that although your impression on others goes for a everyday reset but the pain of sacrifice for winning that impression keeps piling up everyday. It becomes really heavy and painful to carry the burden of sacrificing so much for something that was nothing better than a virtual entity. 

You have learnt the lesson but late. Nothing is late if it is finally realized. Live for your satisfaction, your impressions and your your own feel good factor. Strike a balance between what you give up and for what you give up. Hit the right deal ! You cannot do a bad business for a good life. 

Say Cheers to life and let other people's impressions and perceptions go for a high Toss.