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Friday, February 16, 2018

Story of Tublu -- An Amazing Journey Called Life

Story of Tublu
Jahid Akhtar - Story of Tublu 

                       There are some books that send you into deep thoughts and psychological exploration. And then there are some that simply sit face to face with you and narrates the story as if the author himself is in conversation with you. This is exactly what Jahid Akhtar’s debut novel “Story of Tublu” does to you.

               The book starts with its lead character Tublu as a child and his gradual journey from a village Govt school to English medium and finally into an Engineering college. His childhood love for Maina, Mr Sharma’s daughter moves the story. The book meticulously covers the natural beauty of Assam and its simple lifestyle. But as the story advances, the book makes a smart transition into the life of metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. The book further takes you to the United States and Germany with the flow of the story. 

The story has a very natural flow and at no point digresses from reality. The best part of the book is that it never struggled to blossom the love story between the protagonists, Tublu and Maina. The narration of the story matures as its characters mature in age and that underlines the beauty of this book. The book is not very heavy on literature dose and thus very inviting even for people who are not very fond of reading. 

So just grab your copy at Amazon and spend your weekend with an amazing storyteller Jahid Akhtar.