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Friday, November 18, 2011

The born Nomad.

The born Nomad.

                                                     When I see my life-style and movements that I make over a year, I feel I am Nomadic.I live over a place habituate the people around, develop strong bonds and then move off to a new place or my previous places to start afresh. I feel I m a part of their life, their problems and their association even long after I have left the places. Today is one such moment. My stay in Bangalore this time was for a week. But i feel i lived ages for these countable days.  I got to the missing links that were created due to my absence for a period of time. Now am almost on the same wavelength but at the same moment its time for me to switch over my place. I hate this transition of mind that i have been doing over years although i have developed myself at this art. I somehow love my train journeys for this reason, as it gives me good length of time for this mental transition. I would come across people, places, languages, food,water and weather that would keep changing with every mile that i would make on the railway track. And then finally to my place in the morning at 5 am. A dawn into the place i will have to habituate for some more time. And stepping there i would feel that i had never been to Bangalore before, that i know no people in Bangalore. That is how I will have to shape my mind to adapt to the new place. If i think of Bangalore then I will never belong to this new place.

                                                     With every journey i make, i learn this art of secluding  myself from the previous attachments  and getting into the new ambit with complete zeal. As if i have never known anything better than the place I m into. I belong to the time I m into. I belong to the people I m with. And what I  leave behind may be ephemeral part of me, may be just a feeling or an experience. But when i resume back to the places I left, I apply the same ideology and become their for ever like i never left the place and never made new bonds with people other than them..I live life in parts. A part of life for family, a part of life for friends, a part of life for colleagues and a part for strangers whom I would meet on my everlasting journeys. Of these parts I adore the strangers the most. Though they have no previous strings with me yet they impart me so much that is actually intangible if i ever try to explain it.  As if the whole joy of life is just in making those journeys to reach your destination. I suppose the joy of finding your destination is bit eclipsed with the true joy that you get from making those exciting and unpredictable journeys.
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