5 Blouse Back Neck Designs to Entice you

5 Blouse Back Neck Designs to Entice you Indian women are at their classy best when they ensemble themselves in Sari or a Lehenga. And the oomph factor behind these two attires is no secret. Yes! It is all about how clueful you are in choosing its better half, the blouse to be a complete run-away hit. The enigma lies in the Blouse back neck designs with border. It is the Blouse back neck design that keeps you gracefully presentable even when you are not facing someone face to face. The magic must go on. Put yourselves at ease, for here we bring you 5 curated Blouse Back Neck Designs with border to make your presence count and stand out from the rest.  1.  The Stone embedded Net Blouse https://www.instagram.com/p/BoebiZkFURe/ If you are looking for a fusion of East meets West, then this perfectly fits the bill. The blouse back neck design has stone embellishments over a transparent net that induces an indo-western touch. Occasion: Bridal, Recepti

A Shade of Life

I just sneaked out through the curtains of my bedroom to see if it was too hot to go out.  All I saw was this beautiful scene through my window. Two tired women labourers having a siesta on the construction site after hard laborious work for hours before lunch. As the sun was straight up, all they could manage was a little shade of the adjacent building. Atleast the dead building had some alive mercy for them. All day they fill concrete mortar with the spades lying next to them and carry it to build houses that they would never inhabit. Once the construction gets over the security guard would not even allow them to stand outside its gate to admire their own sweat and blood.   They would be clearly outcasted from its premises. The people who would enjoy the luxuries and comforts of this apartment building would not let these poor women to even enjoy an eye full sight of the legacy they built baking under heat and dust. These women would go into oblivion on the very first day the building would come into existence. 

But they still work. Not that they do not feel the pain for their plight, but for they have stomachs to feed. So they work and work from dawn to dusk.
Spicy Saturday Pick
So here is a poem I exclusively dedicate to them.
From dawn to dusk
From home to work.
Under the heat of the day               
They sweat and sulk.

No regards, no appreciation.
No love no recognition.
Only for the sake of bread
They shed sweat with dedication.

A break from work in the mid day
to bring back strength for the remaining day
to carry bricks and sand on their body
they eat first meal of the day.

Tomorrow when this would be over,
They'll only get pity wages to shower
For its owners to recognize 
Once a bare land but now a paradise.

These women would go into oblivion on the very first day the building would come into existence. 

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  1. Wow! so U R a poet too Neo. Nice composition and beautiful click.Feeling little sleepy after looking at the picture :)

    1. Thank you Jahid. Poetry has been my love since school days. But when your bread and butter becomes electronics, you cease to write. I am glad I have started again.

  2. i still remember when u said that u love poetry...brigade road......keep rocking....

    1. But all i remember is that I met my closest school buddy after some 16 yrs. That was more memorable than anything I know of the day Vishnu.

  3. Yes the construction sites labourers toil hard but do not have a proper roof over their head and once the structure is complete they have to move out. irony of life.good writing.

    1. Thank you kalpana for your time and appreciation. All it hurt me was the thought you just mentioned here.

  4. beautiful poignant words....nicely crafted lines!

  5. Excellent piece! You've rightly pointed out that the people who toil to create an apartment complex won't even be allowed to admire their work once it's completed.

  6. so true...worth a dedication...

  7. So true.... worth a dedication...

    1. Thank you Reshmi for finding time from your busy work life and domestic commitment. I know your brave and strong.

  8. What a moving poem! Kudos to your thought and your writing skills.

    1. Thank you Saru for your appreciation. A word of appreciation from writers like you means a lot and lot. Am still learning the beauty of art that you have mastered over the years.

  9. Well expressed thoughts. So true what you say.
    A deserving post for awards!

  10. Very Nice and Heart touching lines Neo..They indeed work day and night only for Bread and butter to help building a structure comfortable enough for others


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