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Monday, January 14, 2013

Fatherhood - Knock-knock knocking at the door.

Me and my better half waiting for the lab test report. The medico finally returns with a smile and says " Congratulations".  That one word sends me to catch 22 situation. Within seconds the patch files of fatherhood  is automatically updated in me to suit the situation. We were going gaga...

                      At the outset of being a father !  Aah ! What a feeling ? How will i ever be able to express the virgin feeling of what it feels like to be knowing that you are going to be a father in few months time. Its eternal. I never imagined the vicarious joy of people becoming father until the very knock came at my door. You cannot ever associate and relate to this feeling until you become one. You need time to take such big shot news where you and your wife are the lead protagonist. A biological credential to your union. A child in the making that would bear resemblance of both of you. Its euphoric even to imagine that creature, you are going to create with God contributing its share. For the coming months you can take your imaginations to super ultra levels. Its making of a new life. I would like to add a self penned poem i wrote a couple of years back. Read and share your feelings.

                                                                               Creating life, is an enigma
                                                                but I would do.
                                                                First God did it
                                                                and now its my do.

Every second, i feel a life in me.
With my breath, she is sleeping in.
I fold my hands and bow down
to whisper prayers of safe and sound.

                                                              The joy I feel is so profound.
                                                              Wish i could share it with others.
                                                              But its a child s thing, Who wud understand ?
                                                              But only a mother ! 
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  1. Congrats Dude! I experienced the same feeling a year back :)

  2. Congrats to u too. I know you can understand this in the same wavelength. Whats your babies name ?

  3. You have my lead ^_^ :brofist: congratulations again!

    1. Thanks Jeba... I think its a door to new happiness.


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