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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why only Dil se ? When it is dearer than life !

 Your  'Dil Se' relationship needs a touch of intellect to sustain realities against fantasies….


                                                    Altercations are a part of every relationship. No strong our weak relationship can propel on the sea of time without those frequent fights and blues. It’s nothing to worry about if you know how to handle them or better said use them. We use people, time, money and what not? Why not to use those meaningful fights?  An open threat to any worth relationship. Those arguments that stands strong and erect after slaying so many relationships as a result. What went wrong with those fairy tale adorable love stories in spite of true love and passion? I think they were not dealt with mind and intellect; just heart was overburdened. Nothing works alone here. At the end of the day it’s a duet world. Nothing works alone here.  Remember my theory of ‘awesome twosome’ from neo imaginations. It’s always mother and father, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, sun and moon.  Likewise, mind and heart. Everything is a complimentary of something. Always apply your intellect to give an umbrella coverage to your heartily ‘dil se’ relationship.

                                      Art of using your altercation is based on my own research and experience.  Every fight that you make has a message to be interpreted by both the partners and applied through to strengthen the relationship rather to cause an irreparable damage. Understand your fights, reason of origin, idea behind your partner’s objection and its adoptability. These interpretations would lead you to develop an understanding of what your partner is objecting and why. See what you need to bring in the change demanded. See how much you can offer him/her as per the demand projected. If you fall in short of accepting his/her demand completely accept him at least partly and for the rest give him/her valid reasons for your inacceptance. Rationalize whatever is left unsettled or ungiven. Use faith and love that brought you together to decide your extent of acceptance and negotiation. Your magnitude of love would always guide you to deal with those argumentative fights and disagreements. Never fear these altercations, just use them in the right direction. Nothing comes perfect. We never get perfect parents, perfect children, and perfect teachers then why perfect relationships. But we believe they are perfect and they somehow turn to be pin close to perfection. Same applies to relationships.

                                                            Never withdraw yourself from discussions and argumentative talks. Your avoidance to bury the hatchets may lead to something more serious and irreversible. So always develop healthy talks. Remember your altercations are the only feedback mechanism you get to prolong your most treasured relationships lifelong. So use them judiciously and don’t get annoyed sooner they arise. And one golden advice is do not repeat something you have already fought over and settled for no repetition. With a little application of mind and a complete involvement of heart every relationship is a successful relationship.

                                       Written and conceived  in the interest of all those who have loved, still loving or would love…..

 pictures: clicked by owner at surajkund handicraft mela
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  1. so true ! the very essence of a relationship is sharing . . nice write up :)

  2. Thank you ... But nothing close to your level of writing.

  3. Wonderful write up, very meaningful.


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