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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DISCLAIMER ! The Indian Way.

                                  Of lately the television media and film industry is completely obsessed with " Disclaimer" tag as a preface to the shows to be aired. Nothing can reach the viewers until and unless a Disclaimer notice is shown  as a first shot. The hero smokes a cigarette in a movie and before it is lighted the disclaimer script will run beneath the screen and read as " Smoking or chewing of Tobacco is injurious to health". Is nt that pathetic ? Who the hell ,watching the movie doesn't know that million dollar fact ? We all know what is good, what is bad. what is healthy and what is unhealthy.Does it stop anybody from adopting what he or she likes in the movie (good or bad) ? Why aren't the filmmakers taking the responsibility of what they are trying to show or sell ? Why are they just trying to clear their  hands by hoisting a "Disclaimer Flag". 

Do we think that Disclaimers can devoid the flaws of wrong depictions ? No it can never ! And are we as viewers so dumb that we need to know, that the ciggy Shah Rukh Khan is fagging is injurious to health. Either don't allow objectionable content to be aired or don't make a mockery by showing your social/moral responsibility and fake concern by running a frame of DISCLAIMER. Don't show us real stories and later claim that it was a work of fiction and has no resemblance to dead or alive. We watch it with lots of emotions and associate it, with lot of empathy and concern. We feel Cinema is a reflection of society and not a myth. Don't run your Myth boards and wash off your hands of your greatest social responsibility as a Film maker. Owe your work, stand to your work. Show what is right and beneficial for the masses and not just for your pockets. We promise we will make your wallets obese and all we need in return, is the right stuff at the right time. We also promise we will not stop the screening of your work by making lunatic outrage for showing a smoker or a boozer or a rapist provided the rapist is convicted at the end. 

Else the days are not far, when people will be allowed to breathe  free only after posing a DISCLAIMER  board saying "The breather  has no intention to inhale another man s share of oxygen and any amount of extra oxygen inhaled is coincidental and not to harm fellow inhaler's sentiments. 
                                                                                                                       ----- LET'S GROW UP
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  1. hehe Neo. Also the packed water/soda adds are so funny. Like "Royal Challenge Packed Drinking Water" , "Signature Premium Soda" :)

    1. Yeah ur right Jahid.As if people watch those adds only to buy soda waters. How funny man ! Thats a slap on Govt s move to ban liquor advertisement

  2. Replies
    1. funny and irritating as well. And i loved ur kids pic on ur birthday.

  3. i loved this post!! not only film-makers but many around us show these fake social responsibilities.

    last paragraph is hilarious!!


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