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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Executive Beggar

         Bangalore was just 20 miles away and train stopped at an unknown Railway station near Whitefield area. He an unknown man, who was watching and observing me for quite some time now came to me. Without wasting a second he asked me the time and started the conversation that follows.

He : This train will not start in another 15 mins also.
Me:  (Just nodded) Guess so!
He: Where are you coming from ?
Me: New Delhi.
He: Very far indeed. Must be really tired.
Me: Hmm...
He: What is your name ? Are you from Bangalore ?
Me: (Lied) I am Peter Parker. 
He: Oh ! A Christian. Me too. James 
Me: (with a smile ) Good. 
       ( I know if i had told him my name as Ehsaan, he would have told me he is Qureshi and a Muslim.)

He: I was on my way to Mumbai and damn lost my purse. My cell phone also got stolen.
      If you don't mind please help me with Rs 100/- please.

Me: (with a smile) Sorry but i have been fooled enough with this same trick before. Even some of my close friends too. So i cant be your your victim today.
He: ( with a smile) Oh ho... Oh ho ..Then it is ok. Sorry. 

            He stepped ahead looking for a new prey on the same platform and feeling sorry for the time that he had invested upon me for no gain. I kept watching him and as the train pushed off from the platform, I saw in his eyes the despair. And with his easy body language, he conveyed a "no business" signal to me. 

         I dint feel sorry for him, but for all those real genuine people who are faced by such situations in actuality. How many would have been denied help ?  May be by me too. After all, executive beggars emote better than the genuine needy people who have really lost their belongings during journey and have to beg for need. But the world is polluted now, he who deserves help doesn't get it and for cheaters it is a smart trick with no investments. 

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  2. They make fat money Seb. They target in a much sophisticated manner.

  3. they aren't always the beggars... many a times i have come across college students trying this trick for their ddrinks...nice post!!

    1. Oh ! is it ? That is really clever Arish


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