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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhankher

Book Review- Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhankher

     If you are looking for thriller,crime, betrayal and Romance all at once; My finger would just point you a fresh book  " Jacob Hills" by Ismita Tandon Dhankher. She blogs at lesserknownpoet.  Jacob Hills is her second novel after 'Love on the rocks', released  in 2011. The publisher of the book is HarperCollins.

Jacob Hills is a thriller novel with a unique style of narration. The story revolves around  George Chandy couple. It is beautifully penned to the delight of readers. Each section has a different narrator from the story, so by the time you reach the last chapter you would have seen the story from all possible perspectives . This gives the book a  unique appeal.

Maj. George Chandy is newly posted to Jacob hills near Shimla that houses the elite War college. He is posted here as an instructor to train the finest Army officers for the finest jobs. Eva, the Anglo Indian wife of Maj George is the female protagonist and witnesses  death of a woman under mysterious conditions. The dead woman has several cigarette burns on her private parts and a pendant locket with the engraving "Anita Weds A.R 1982". The murder mystery is the main plot of the story. The book also takes you through the liberal lifestyle of Army Officers and the filth that is considered to be a mark of modernity. From wife swapping to use of sexual favours for career progression, it has all that a society would oppose morally. 

But Eva and George are the soul of the book. Their amazing chemistry and mutual love and respect for each other stands apart. Also the flinge between Capt. Rana and muslim girl Heena ending into a forced marriage and later into a happy marriage is another reason you would love the book for. Ismita s background as an Army Officer's daughter, has done absolute justice in narrating the book with intricate details of Army life and flip side attached. 

                                                        A must read... and a 
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  2. Beautiful review! I have read "love on the rocks" will surely read this one too...

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