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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rain Me... Oh ! Rain.

Receding the sunshine and covering till horizon.
You come to make an umbrella of Rain.
You cheat days of its brightness
And tell them secrets 
to make nights out of days.

You tempt me enough to drench                
Your water when flows
Takes all the flaws away
from Body mind and souls.

With droplets that flow down my lips
is sweet, pure and cold.
A promise to return the waters
you borrowed  as told

Standing on the porch 
I rejoice the tradition of rain
Tik tok Tip Top
Your Magic never goes in Vain.

Thank You Monsoon I am enjoying the tradition of Rain...making excuses to touch you and excuses to sip hot cups of tea.

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  1. I love rain too! Very nicely portrayed!

  2. Nice lines!
    Rains are always magical!

  3. That's the magic of rain. Drenching us with sheets of water, it transform us into babes.

    Nice poetry.

    1. Thank you Arumugam Sir. Loving rains.

  4. Lovely Lines on Rain..
    Really Rain has some magical effects on us.. :-)

  5. I love it when it drizzles... But hate it when it pours!!!!
    Amazingly written Neo!!!

  6. lovely rain poem.. beautifully written :)


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