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Monday, August 12, 2013

The RayBan Effect

Rayban Aviator
Rayban Aviator (Photo credit: j_bouzas)

     Nothing compares to a pair of RayBan Aviators. The intoxication and addiction of this eye gear is better not explained. I am also a part of this addiction. Close to 12 years of association with it, I never dared to wear anything other than a RayBan. It would be sacrilegious for me to wear anything else. That is my love for  the Aviators like million others.                

A week back I was in Jaipur for a couple of days with my wife. As the sun became slanting towards the evening we decided to go to Jal Mahal ( Lake Palace) a nearby destination from my Hotel.  I intelligently kept my DSLR in a laptop bag to avoid Autowala taking us for tourist and inflating the fare. But Mr. RayBan Aviator was at work to cool my eyes. 

The very first Auto Rikshaw guy I encountered on my way offered me a fare of  Rs 200. Now 200 rupees is whooping for a distance of hardly 6 kms. So I did not opt for it. We walked a little further towards MI road to reach another Auto Rikshaw. He said, " Sahab 180 rupees hoga " . I went to next adjacent Auto guy and this generous man asked me Rs 250. 

All frustrated I removed my RayBan and walked a little more to enquire another Autowalla who obliged me with a meagre Rs 70. I was shocked to death;  Why suddenly on earth this honest man comes to give me a ride ? Sharing a happy smile with my wife I made my way into the Auto Rikhsaw.

 But before I sat  I unintentionally  put on my RayBan. Instantly the driver spoke the golden lines --

"Saab chasma pehne huwe dekha hota to 200 rupay se neeche nahi bolta."
( Had you been wearing those glasses before I would have charged you not less than Rs 200. )

Only then I understood why i had an ordeal finding an auto rickshaw at a fair charge.

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  1. Haha.. nice read about the RayBan factor :) Unfortunately I've very poor knowledge about glasses, definitely much worse than the auto walas :)

    1. Ha ha.. Dont worry when you plan one do let me know, I ll suggest one for you.

  2. oh my God, will keep that in mind. Autowallas can be so manipulative.


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