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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mad for Each other ; Made for Each other

                                                          Few minutes past 2 am, 'Is that a time to meet the most special person of your life the first time ? But that is when we met. A moment of eye contact and I realized I was clean bold that very moment. A gentle touch and a warm kiss pregnant with emotions, happiness and love. This was our very first interaction when the world around was sleeping waiting for a dawn. After that i left you for few more hours but  your face kept on appearing before me at every single blink of eyes. I was loving it. I was loving your smell. I was loving that finally we met. I was loving that we will meet again. I was loving that we would be living together soon. I was loving the dream of a life with you. 

You were me as I were you. Extension of my own self. Extension of my soul. Extension of my identity. Eternal, mystical, spiritual. My lessons on patience and responsibilities.  You relax me. You excite me.You are tender yet my strength, you are fragile yet my support. You are a perfect addiction. You are an innocuous drug I love being addicted to. An artistic blend of me and my better half. You are my child and I am your Dad. #Celebrating Fatherhood.

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  1. "My lessons on patience and responsibilities." - My husband is nodding his head in full agreement for this one. :) Sweet little article.

    1. Thank you Sakshi. Glad that you shared this wid ur hubby. N patience is kind of a paradox for we guys until we become father n explore completely a new side of our temperament.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Ammu. Waiting to see ur feeling on a similar occasion.

  3. Congratss Rishab! Thats a great news...convey my wishes to Soni also! Must have been amazing to hold ur new born! :)Btw baby boy or girl?

    - Nishita

  4. Really ur imaginations are unimaginable and beyond my imaginations ,,,,, Ur most special person will help u to expand ur old Neo imagination,,,,,,,,


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