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Monday, October 7, 2013

Bigg Boss 7 Mania

Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss 7 has entered into its fourth week with three evictions Hazel, Rajat and Anita Advani the latest. India s most awaited and controversial  show is already on your platter at Colors TV. The show is catching up heat with contestants making their support camps, loyalty groups. You too Brutus phrase can happen to anyone in the house. Armaan Kohli betrayed Anita and landed her into a space outside Bigg  Boss home. The passion to stay in the house has crossed all levels of madness with Ratan taking a Cow Dung Spa to Actor Apurva going for a weird head shave. Those plunge only gave clues that people are capable of playing dirty politics and tactics to secure their place in the house.

Groups to identify:

1. Armaan, Tanisha, Kamya and Pratyusha.              
Armaan & Tanisha

2. Gauahar and Kushal with Andy in and out.

3. Shilpa, Apoorva and Ratan faintly.

4. Loners - Elli, Andy, Asif and Sangram.

The Game So Far :  
Ratan @ Cowdung Spa
If the game was only about getting attention then you are wrong. Rajat was evicted because of his sinking feeling melodrama. Inspite of being declared medically fit by Physicians he kept on gaining sympathy and over reacting to his mild phobia.Ultimately he was voted out by people who were the most sympathetic towards him (Tanisha ). 

Its also not about being calm, quiet and fair. The fair Anita ji was shown the door by unfair Armaan. Its also not about being oblivion and hidden. Eviction of Hazel proved it. 

Shilpa knows it all very well. She knows how to please everyone. Be good to all and hug everyone at the slightest excuse. More over she has a doting husband to buy more support and likes for her from the other end. She is sharp, smart and graceful. But there is a long way to go.

Andy is a college girl types. She does not know whom to anchor with and runs from pillar to pillar. Eventually has no place to harbour. Sangram was trying to be good to everyone but he did mistakes at some crucial points where he lost Gauhar s support. Also he has a habit of back bitting and instigating others. He often speaks things of his mind but not his heart.

Gauahar Khan has found a true friend is Kushal but they are doing a grave mistake by secluding themselves from others. They have their own house in a house. Everybody feels uncomfortable with the duo s unwanted proximity and pampering. 

Asif and Elli are innocent  and honest. I hope they are rewarded for being that way.

With so much happening in just 3 weeks it is a clear indication that we will stay glued to our TV sets till the last episode. This one is a must watch show. It is about survival and about survial of the fittest. It is about patience. It is about people s behavioral patterns and their own apprehensions and insecurities. It is about you and me. It is about us and situations. Watch it and learn people.

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