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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anything for you, My love.

Tanya never paid any heed to Kapil s shaving rituals. She felt Kapil had a perfect face to sport all types of beard and mustache although she preferred him in a clean shave.

When Tanya became mother of a beautiful girl, Kapil was mad with happiness. He was a crazy father. But some how the little baby had problems with Kapil. She never embraced Kapil s kisses and hugs like she enjoyed Tanya s shower of love. Kapil could only bestow his love from a safe distance. The baby feared Kapil s presence, till one day Kapil sported a completely clean shaven look. That day changed the whole equation  between father and the little daughter. Kapil s hugs and kisses were reciprocated by the little angel with giggles of laughter and smiles. That very moment the couple understood what annoyed the baby. It was Kapil s smelly spiky stubble, that played villain between the duo. 

Oh my God !  My clean shaven look bowled her over ...  Exclaimed Kapil with joy. 
Anything for you my love, said Kapil. 

When it comes to our children we never compromise. We sacrifice our old habits at the slightest excuse for them. And of course, maintaining a clean shaven look was not as difficult. After all your baby s love is a good bargain for quitting old habits. 

Since then, Kapil follows a daily ritual of shaving and maintained a clean shaven look. And as they say, the rest is a history. 

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