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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fit and Fine, Jiyo 99.

Foundation of good health is laid much before  we come into this world. It all starts when we are in our mother s womb. Her diet, her lifestyle, her state of mind, all has a favourable or an unfavourable implication on the new born s health. So a good health is actually handed over from a healthy mother to her baby. Her food intake should include a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein and minerals. Health supplements also help to maintain the additional requirements projected by the developing baby. The traditional ideology only encouraged carrying women to feed on diet rich in ghee and fats. But the modern science has shown a more logical and satisfactory picture of the diet an expecting mother should follow.

Sooner the baby builds its basic structure inside mother s womb, it prepares itself to see the outside world. This is the most challenging phase. The newborns are tender, delicate and very susceptible to infections. They have just started the journey of life and are not adapted to face the unfavourable challenges in the form of viral or bacterial infections. Babies less than two months old are very vulnerable to infections because they have a very weak immune system. One must avoid taking them out of house to places that are crowded and dusty. Babies should be avoided to come in contact with people who have common cold or viral flu infections. It is always suggested to wash and sanitize your hands before you go for those love and hugs you shower on your young ones. The best way to care for them is prevention. Prevention from infections, prevention from dust and prevention from people whom you don't find clean and tidy. Its often a challenge but all is fair when it comes to your baby.

Mother' s Milk is elixir for babies. The initial milk produced by mothers after delivery is called colostrum. No supplement in the world can substitute the million hidden benefits of this milk. It gives the newborn various immunity against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Babies should be breast fed for minimum one year. No formula food can supplement the benefits of mother s milk. It is free from external infections and chemical impurities. Has the right amount of fats,carbohydrates and other nutrition. The best part of mother milk is that it is fed to the baby at the best optimum temperature and without the use of any external medium.

Apart from mother s milk one more important aspect of adding immunity to your baby s life is through following a strict vaccination schedule plan. The WHO has listed mandatory vaccinations and these are a must for every child. Each vaccination has its own immunity against a particular disease or infection. Adherence to immunization schedule is a must.

Problems with modern Lifestyle.

Modern life style has introduced stress, nicotine and junk food into our lives. We indulge into it as comfortably as a customary obligation. With competition the game of survival has become dirty, as dirty as the air we breathe in. The by product is stress. Stress leads to harmonal changes in body often resulting in malfunctioning of hormonal glands and gifting us with common disease "obesity". 

The modern lifestyle has extreme negative implications on children s health. Some of the aspects that hinder in the growth and development of children are listed below. 

(a) Say no to junk food. Junk food makes children obese and lazy and hinder growth and development of children. Follow healthy eating habits.

(b) TV addiction and gaming: With the advent of million games and television shows children remain glued to screens. They don't play and interact with friends. In absence of sports and activities they lose a big deal on their physical and psychological health. Hence parents should encourage children to play outside and indulge in out door activities.

(c) Make your meal a balanced meal: Right food makes a right man is an old saying. Avoid too much oily and spicy food. Include dairy products like cheese, curd etc. Green leafy vegetables and fruits should be a daily ritual. Don't make your baby a burger pizza baby.

(d) Personal Hygiene: Children should be taught to practice personal hygiene. Washing hands before  and after eating. Healthy toilet habits. They should be taught to take bath daily.

Apart from this there is an age old Ayurvedic formula to enhance and build a stronger immune system to fight infections and diseases. The Dabur Chyawanprash  is a must for all age groups. It is available in different flavours to suit the taste of your young ones and elders. Also if you have diabetic parents at home the Dabur Chyawanprash also has a Sugar Free version. It is immunity in the most customized form. There is one for all age group. 

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