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Monday, February 3, 2014

Until One Day


Utopia ( Meaning- an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. )
Often we pass the best days of our lives craving for something called Utopia. For us the perfect world never exist, We are always in short of small and big things. We are always in short of time, occasion, opportunities, money, love and all that we can afford not to have. And over the time the addiction for this hope goes so insane that we feel at peace with this feeling of longingness for something we don't have. We love to imagine ourselves in short of n number of things, until "One day''.

                                      Until one day something goes wrong with the things we already had. Until the equilibrium we were living with gets disturbed, until we lose something we always had but never valued. That is when we pray almighty for normalcy. Normalcy with which we were living till yesterday. Normalcy that now seems nothing less than the utopia that we were craving till now. Suddenly we realize the importance of all that we had till yesterday. We realize that yesterday was perfect and lacked nothing. So God smartly pulls off one tuned string of our guitar life and tempts us to pray for what we already had. 

Enjoy the life you already have. There is always more you can do from what you have. Don't let the absence of something steal the magic of things that are already present. Instead fashion your every single happiness in  million ways. Life is a bliss without so much. We need to know more about what we have than to count the things we don't have.


  1. So well thought n written. I like the way u describe the core of happiness. Keep it up. Hoping to read more of you.

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