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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Born Roamer.

Nothing fascinates me more than traveling. Making journeys is all that keeps me going. If i don't travel i start complaining. The Shamans knew the magic of making journeys all through their life.The pleasure they derived out of it was so eccentric that even people with very opulent lifestyle chose to mimic that art of being secretly nomads in disguise to have sips of the euphoric pleasure Shamans derived.

Whenever I am under stress or clueless about life, I take it as an excuse to pack bags and travel to places i have only heard about. And on those boulevard of unknown streets I find the most apt answers of my life. I get the clarity of virtual vision. I think when you stick to a place for too long the problems of the place becomes a problem with in yourself. Travelling solves a lot of issues pertaining to psychological origin. It is meditative for me and for many on the sphere.

But this approach to travelling only suits me and a very few like minded friends of mine. I cannot do this crazy affair with my wife and son by my side. So whenever I plan to visit a destination I do a lot of planning before hand. Trust me the more you plan the better you can relish. For a visit to any new destination there are three important aspects of planning.

1. Flight Booking

2.. Hotel Booking

3. Car/Cab Booking.

If you do ample planning on this I am sure you will have plenty of time at your dream destination to invest upon exploring food and shopping locations.

With appropriate and in time planning and research every dream destination can be a possible destination. Surveys reveal that one can end up spending sometimes thrice the amount of money actually required for a particular destination. So it is always advisable to plan and research for the above mentioned aspects before you approach your regular travel agent. There are many trip planner online services available to make your trips more easy, enjoyable and economical. One such efficient online website service is skyscanner .


The beauty of this website lies in its user friendly graphic interface. Skyscanner compares over 1000 airlines & online travel agents to find you the cheapest air tickets with a click of a button. Not only for flight tickets but it also offers option of choosing from a list of the most expensive business hotels to luxury rooms or even a budget hostel for that matter. And all these services on the website come free of cost.
My dream destination for the year 2014 is Istanbul. Without a second thought I would log into skyscanner and choose the best package of flight tickets for my family. My next research would be to pick the right hotel according my needs and budget. Here is how I would research on my hotel

The snapshots of the website is self explanatory of how easily one can pick his choice of hotel. Also the website has a special tab for booking car/cab services to commute you between hotel and your itinerary.

And all these smart tasks can be done sitting at home and discussing with your family. The tedious task was never so easy and exciting before. Plan instantly your dream destination at  skyscanner and share the joy of  being your own trip advisor. 

This post is exclusively written for "Travel Smart with Skyscanner" contest at Indiblogger.

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  1. Hey Nice Read. All the best for the contest

  2. You have good writing skills....all the best

  3. Even I love traveling. Brilliantly written, good luck.

    1. Thank you Saru. I read your entry for the post. It was of inspirational order to convey the idea through what you are best at " Poetry".

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