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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do Right:Another Half Story Waiting to be Completed.

For a nation that breathes Cricket, talking anything against would be considered sacrilegious. But it is not about having hard feelings for this game or the Dhoni s XI. It is about respecting other games too. It is about providing basic infrastructure and training for the aspirants of other games too. We have been pampering Cricket as the only sport known to mankind. But it is high time we change our outlook towards other sports and sportsperson alike.

There is a village called Dhupguri in West Begal. This place has a women football team " Dooars XI " and the club is run by Bhabani Munda, their coach. A stereotype village where women are considered only apt to get married these village girls have faced objection and disapproval from both family and villagers. Poverty is another challenge to fight and pursue their passion for the game of Football. In the absence of funds and sponsors these girls sell tea and rotis to realize their dream. They do not even have basic sports gear to play the game. With just two football for the whole team, they cannot practice alone and to meet at one place to share the ball for practice makes them to travel atleast 7 kms. They wear torn shoes and socks and dont have decent spikes.Some had been selected to play nationally, but without the basics, how could they excel and take on challenges like these?

That’s when our network of Do Righters stepped in to help them get a step closer to their goal, their dream of playing professionally! Through our program of completing Half Stories, the Do right Team planned to help the team by getting the team members kits consisting of socks, shoes (studs) and a football each, costing Rs 1,100 each. A total of Rs 16,500 for a team of 15. 

Let us do our part in completing their half stories of dreams and dedication. If so much for watching one live Cricket Match in the stadium then why not a fraction bit for Dooars XI too. 

It's time to #DoRight!
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This is in association with Indiblogger and Tata Capital Do right initiative.

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