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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

God is Laughing.

       It was just break of the day, a dawn i mean. The sun had not shown full on the horizon. Just a sneak and peek look. A woman comes in a jiffy to pluck yellow flowers from  a bush that only had those two blossoms for the day. She stole its magic and left secretly. Another woman entered the scene in a hurry but with confusion. She felt guilty of being two minutes late and walked away with a hanging face. Minutes later an old man just after his morning bath came up to the bush but only plucked some leaves in absence of flowers. 

This is the drama I enjoy every morning from my balcony. The devotees struggling to please God every morning. But more than the ritual of their actual prayers, I think the God enjoys the flower drill more.The bush also supports the drama by never giving more than four to five flowers a day to end the struggle of innocent worshipers. When these people come out for post dinner walk on the street they secretly scan the buds that would bear flowers the following morning. In their sleeps they know deep inside how many flowers they will have tomorrow to offer for prayers. I am a close observer of their facial expressions. I know the happiness of having all the flowers and the pain of compromising with leaves instead.
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  1. Short and sweet...As I read this, somehow correlated it with "Opportunities in life" ...

  2. Great!!! God must be laughing on this!!!

  3. That's an abstract of a keen observer. I think, not only God, we are also finding it an amusing read.


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