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Monday, October 6, 2014

Yaar Mera Superstar WT Star.

            Travelling without ticket is an offence and a social embarrassment too. But meet the superstar of WT world (Without Ticket), Arun Sharma. He is a serial WT traveller. Not that he has a problem buying tickets but he does it for sheer passion. He can be seen very often swinging between Delhi and Jhansi his native place on weekends. The moment he reaches Railway Station his eyes start beaming with enthusiasm to display his talent of ticketless travelling. 

He has conquered all big brands  like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, Sampark Kranti and so on. To my surprise he has travelled all classes ranging from 2 AC to General Compartment without the least fear of being caught and assaulted publicly. He is impeccably dressed and a complete business class looking guy. His confidence is more dominant than a person holding a confirmed ticket for that matter. On few occasions when he travels on officially issued tickets he feels uneasy and cheated. The journey seems boring to him then. On one occasion I found him selling his confirmed ticket to a guy whose berth was not confirmed. I was shocked to see him doing that. But he did it with ease and travelled the same journey in same class without a ticket. 

On seeing the Ticket Examiner he is not the guy to step into toilets or pass through rather he is  the one to set out in search of TTE to start a genuine conversation. He would enquire him about train facilities and upliftments. A super intellectual discussion with the man whom he has to purely escape. But he would spend the longest span of time with him than any other co passengers onboard. That speaks volumes of his skillful art horned over years of free travelling and eating complimentary meals in Rajdhani and Shatabdis. He would say, " If I don't eat complimentary meals of Shatabdi I will only invite suspicion and risk, so eat good. After all, I also don't know I am ticketless." 

Once I was travelling to Udaipur with him. I had onward reservations done through IRCTC. He insisted me that he would book the return journey tickets himself. I obliged to his forceful decision. While returning back from Udaipur I asked him for berth numbers. He said the tickets are waiting list so just board the train in sleeper class and he would manage a berth with the TTE. The train wasn't much crowded and we easily got vacant berths. Upon settling down I cross checked with him if he has really booked the tickets. He instead told me the exact fare price for the journey. This information somehow convinced me that at least today he has booked tickets. He knows how much I fear breaking laws. It was an overnight journey and Mr. TTE did not bother us the whole night. Morning as we reached our destination station he threw the ticket at me with frustration and sarcasm saying, "Because of you I wasted 489 bucks". I closely saw the ticket and to my horror it was only a single person ticket. He smiled at me with his trademark wink and we stepped out for Taxi. I know he will not change in near future. The God of luck favours him immensely.

While writing this post I was recollecting his famous line " Agar main Coach me akela bhi hounga tab bhi WT hi hoga".

 As I m busy writing this post Arun is somewhere planning to set a new record  in Modi s future aspiration of Bullet train.

Caution: The above stunts are extremly dangerous and can cost you dearly. The stuntman is a vetran with ample experience and knowledge. Please do not try this.


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  1. Well, I would really love to travel once with "Most Respected Arun Sharma jii", to know & experience how does it feel like...
    looking forward for your next blog...:-))


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