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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Second Chance

It is true that we carry the pain of past and postpone the most valuable plans for the future. But future is unseen, unknown and still  worst Uncertain. We never know the breaking point between  present and future. So don't we fear postponing certain decisions that are more apt to be taken today ?

Here are three things that I have been putting off for the future and would do right now if given a chance.

1. Child Investment  Plan: This is the first thing on my priority list. But I keep on pushing it to next month for want of time and research. I understand how important it is to plan the future of my child when the time is right and favorable. There are a plethora of options but I want to sit together for weeks and pick the right one for me. I wish to get that luxury of time to gift something fruitful to my child when he is a grown-up.  This surely needs my immediate attention.

2. Pursue PhD degree: I have been a lover of knowledge and books. I cant live without learning. It is one my most desired dreams to have a PhD degree to my name. Blame my laziness or lack of time that I am yet to think about taking a step further in this regard. I aspire and long for these three letters as a suffix to my name.  

3. Touring God s Own Country Kerala : I am a Keralite who has spent most of his life in the cities of North India. But  Kerala still beats hard and deep inside my heart. My friends from other states know better about my Native land. I at once want to travel the length and breadth of God's Own Country and satiate myself spiritually.  I know I need to this several times before I die. 

To have your bucket list is one thing and to complete it is altogether a different thing. I thank MaxLife Insurance  for giving an opportunity to reignite my priority list. Because when you have the goals right before your eyes it becomes easy to chase.

I am participating in the #SecondChance activity at in association with MaxLife Insurance.


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