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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Good Morning to Gold Morning

Morning is undoubtedly the best part of the day. Your morning often has a clue about how the whole day would last for you. It is extremely important how you manage your morning so that it gives you the temperament and aura to turn it into a gold morning.

For me an ideal morning starts a little before the sunrise takes place. A late wake up often results in a a hurried day that kills a lot of magic the day has to offer. I plan to get up early and the first thing I do is brush my teeth so that I become fit to drink plenty of water with honey and lime juice. After completing my routines I take a relaxed bath and offer morning prayers. I usually take banana and a handful of dry fruits such as almonds,walnut and resin along with a glass of milk. The morning fresh air then tempts me to step out and jog with the beauty of the nature that morning has to offer. The early mornings are divine in itself. Calm and peaceful. Pure and cool. Dim yet bright and optimistic. It is more like a natural therapy where both mind and body gets the healing. Mornings offers you a time with yourself.  

And as I come to the fag end of my jog I see the rising sun. It is crimson golden. The golden light spreads everywhere and the sun bestows you with the liberty to look at it without too much of glare. Yes it is the right time you can explore the beauty of the sun and follow its upward movement till the time it become too bright to be seen by naked eyes. This half an hour of experience can charge up your day to last the whole day before the moon takes its place. This is how I turn my good morning into a golden morning.  #Colgate360GoldMornings 

This is a dedicated post for Colgate India . Colgate has come up with a new revolutionary toothbrush Colgate 360degree Charcoal Gold.When you brush with the Gold Standard of Whole Mouth Cleaning, you clean not only teeth, but also tongue, cheeks and gums. So wish yourself a Gold Morning.


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