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Friday, May 6, 2016

Why Brands need Social Media Presence ?

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It is needless to emphasize the importance of Social media in creating and surviving a brand. No business can bet the risk of not being active on Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter. The Social networking sites are like open markets that can be explored and exploited infinitely to bring exponential growth of brands and its customer loyalty. 

Social media not only provides a forum to reach the target customers but also facilitates a brand to customize itself according to the changing trends and preference of the customers. It provides a reliable feedback mechanism to brands so as to make them fit to survive the test of time and competition. 

Social Media has made brands out of common people, rewritten the fate of extincting brands and has brought epic success to business world wide. 

Why one needs Social Media Marketing Strategies ???
Social media has become one of the most important tools for all business today. This tool is inexpensive in nature and has a wide and deep connect with customers and network. But it needs a very judicious and professional handling. A wrong step or approach through this medium can have adverse effects on the overall image and goodwill of a brand. Hence, it becomes imperative for a Business or a brand to make wise choice and prudent strategy to harness the benefits of Social Media Marketing. 

It is wise to seek professional assistance from a Social media Management Agency to understand the nuances of this trade and exploit it to the fullest.

The steps for effective Social media Marketing Strategy are:-
  • Executive Summary 
    When a prospective investor reviews a company, they mainly read through the summary of the company plans. Initially, one may begin with the general overview of any intentions for SMO marketing strategy. In this summary, businesses can create sections where they can address the problem, the solution, the opportunity, competitive advantages, handful of bullet points which describes as to how one can monetize social media

  • Specify goals and objectives 
    It is highly important to specify about the primary goals and objectives of any strategy. It however depends on the area of business. Three important goals of marketing strategy are-
        a) Raising brand awareness,
        b) Engaging customers and
        c) Building community.

Another equally important point is transforming unknown traffic into customers. Take all these points when strategizing goals and objectives.
  • Identifying target audience  The target audience of any business is the current customers and potential customers.. The main goal is to gain new customers and it can be researched after determining the demographics of the potential customer base.
  • Locations and Sites  The other important factor is determining social networking channels that intend to develop presence. Based on the niche and target market, one should carry on the research and considers their social site. 
  • Balance & Control The moment one understands behavior of followers and fans; they are able to interact better with their brands on social networks. For convenience, it is always better to monitor the networks one chooses and detail the areas of each of these networks. Even the reactions to any content of the business post must be closely monitored.
  • Tactics  Details of the target audience mainly determine what kind of content any business will include at each site. How a site behaves and how a site is used includes how often there is any update, what interactions will be held with followers such as question and answer sessions, promotional specials and contests. 
  • Monitor Reports, measurement and analytics (ROI) 
    It is important to determine effectiveness of social media marketing campaign. The analysis of the data is done in 3 distinct stages that are- Launch, Management and Optimization. One has to collect number of visitors and followers, success rates of different types of promotions and likes.
Much of the data of companies are looked after by Profile’s statistics and keeping a close watch over the metrics such as evaluating regularly the trends and shifts. It is effectively required for businesses that want to stay competitive.

One such maverick in the field of Social Media Marketing is Red Lemon . The Agency invent ideas, strategize them, implement it on right time & situation and rest to deliver end result that speaks of its experienced team’s vigorous effort. These professionals are masters of the entire gamut of social media marketing such as Facebook marketing, Email-marketing, Referral marketing, Content marketing and Native advertising.

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