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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tickle your child's Imagination- #colgatemagicalstories

Children have a world of their own - A world that is pure, innocent and playful ! I enjoy when my son narrates me his own imaginative stories that have no relevance or purpose and yet sound so funny and de-stressing. I love him for that. It shows his innocent world to me where things are beautiful and lovable. According to him a home lizard smacking on an insect is about lizard kissing the baby insect and that perspective sends me into a laughter frenzy. I love to hear similar stuffs from him when i get an opportunity. I question him like a baby and he comes out with his own imaginary answers to which we laugh a plenty. I understand that my baby loves to see me laughing and he makes sure to give me enough reasons all day long.

As  parents we need to pamper our children to be more imaginative and creative in thought. We need to check on what kind of inference they draw when they come across day to day situations of life. Stories are the best means of introducing your children to moral education at a tender age that would remain with them as moral values till eternity. The modern education system is based on informative and memory techniques but the ancient education system was based on collection of short stories that had conclusive moral at the end. The stories were symbolic situations and the moral of the story was a tactical guidance for decision making to choose between right and wrong. The after effects were deep psychological impressions that shaped the overall character when the child nears adolescence. Panchtantra and Jataka Tales are some of the examples that shaped the minds of children during the retro era. 

I was delighted to see Colgate coming up with a great idea to entice the hidden creativity and imaginations of young minds. The  new  ''Colgate Strong Teeth'' pack comes with interesting pictures of sea creatures and some trivia inside them. The kids can open the pack and cut the sea creatures as collections. They can use their creative imagination to weave funny stories around these famous characters. This is purely creative and I am sure every kid would love to spend time with the otherwise useless packs.  The cropping of sea creature images will develop their motor skills too. This is a good combination of playing and learning with fun. 

My child is too young to weave a complete story using the characters. But I was excited to see that he identified many of the characters on the pack. He was very enthusiastic when I was cropping the characters with the help of a pair of scissors. At last he collected all the sea creature characters and placed them together as his collection. He named some of the unknown characters with names of children around our locality. Here are some pictures that show his excitement. Star Fish is his favourite and he keeps it in his pocket when he goes out with us. According to him the Star Fish fell down from the sky and became a star fish and cannot reach back home. 

Gift your kids with these collectibles when you buy the new pack of Colgate Strong Teeth

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